YouTube Ads for beginners: How to launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising campaign – 13 tips

YouTube Ads for beginners: How to launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising campaign – 13 tips 

When trying to set up a YouTube advertising campaign, the goal is to always have the necessary optimizations that will surely enrich the campaign and lead to a strategic approach that will prove successful. Beginners always seek to understand how to launch and optimize their campaigns and this calls for a systematic guide that will reveal the best practices to take on that will deliver the desired results. 13 tips to consider when launching and optimizing your YouTube advertising campaign include:

Specify campaign type

It is crucial that the campaign type is specified since it gives your campaign a distinct identify. The steps to take include clicking on the drop down menu for campaign type and select video to ensure you drive a video campaign. Selecting the campaign type is important as it aids during specific targeting and optimization.

Tag campaign name

Your campaign must have a name for identity and optimization and added to that, the video must have been chosen when selecting the campaign type which are steps that kick-start a video advertising campaign.

Specify video Ad format

A crucial step that cannot be ignored is the selection of the video Ad format. You can either choose In-Stream or video discovery Ads which will ensure that the video you are targeting for the advertising campaign is set in TrueView which is a format that is compatible and efficient.

Set the budget

The important factor when beginning with the YouTube video advertising campaigns is the setting of the budget. Setting the budget per day is crucial and it is in this section where you also get to adjust the delivery method whether it will be standard, which distributes the Ads evenly across the day or accelerated, which targets an acute drive of views. The accelerated delivery method is mostly useful for a trend or news.

Determine the network

The network for video Ads can either be on YouTube search where your videos will be displayed in the results section of searches or the YouTube videos which constitutes TrueView Ads that manifest In-stream or In-Display. Selecting the network is important since it dictates where your videos are displayed. In-Stream videos are shown when select videos are running while In-display videos are played before target videos that viewers choose to watch.

Target locations

Beginners targeting YouTube advertising campaigns have to consider locations as they dictate the budget and viewership. Specify locations where you are targeting the users while also ensuring that you are instrumental in excluding the specific locations where you don’t want your Ads to show.

Language bidding

Language bidding is important in that it determines the languages in which the video search will appear. This not only controls viewership but also ensures that the budget capacity is effectively controlled in the same wavelength.

Device bidding

When starting off with the YouTube advertising campaigns, it is crucial that device bidding is done with thoughtful consideration since it is what controls the viewership of the videos. Being able to specify the devices and the operating system is key to viewership. The bids can be set, whether higher or lower, depending on the device on which the users are profiled to use in watching the video.

Target advanced settings

The advanced settings section is a core platform for beginners since it is where individuals are able to determine how their advertising campaign will run. At the advanced settings section, you can effectively set the dates for the commencement and conclusion of the campaigns. It is also possible to provide a custom schedule for when the video should be shown to control budget, viewership and overall visibility.

Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting is the best feature of a YouTube video advertising campaign since it is the section where you can be able to target the users by the topics and keywords they utilize in searches. Users that target a visual answer to their questions can also be effectively targeted and it is also in this section where you can effectively try out varied keyword groups.

Demographic targeting

An important factor that has to be considered when optimizing a YouTube advertising campaign is demographic targeting where a beginner can have the capacity to set the gender, parental status and age of the users whom you want your video to be shown to. This is a core option that offers further targeting options.

Capture interests

One of the standout aspects about YouTube video advertising is that you can also capture interests and ensure that viewers searching for specific interests are able to view your videos. You can target the interests that your target audience has including beauty, exercise, sports, news among other interests.


The most important factor during optimization of YouTube video advertising campaigns is linkages. The idea is to be able to link your YouTube channel to the AdWords account which will ensure the hosted videos can capitalize on traffic and effective targeting. This will allow the video advertising campaign to benefit from metrics that transform the video campaign.