How to write your highest performing text Ads in 2018

How to write your highest performing text Ads in 2018

How to write your highest performing text Ads in 2018

Text Ads are your best chance at impacting the targeting audience and this means structuring them in the best way possible is your opportunity to grow your impact niche. When you need to write your highest performing text Ads, the key is to understand the metrics and elements that make an Ad stand out. In this, we take a look at the factors that drive the highest performing text Ads and the highly successful pointers that renowned platforms like have floated.

Use of numbers

The use of numbers is an effective strategy to capture attention and give the target audience a scoop of what they can expect from the deal being fronted. The use of numbers brings an offer into sharp contrast making it easy to internalize the concept.

Local targeting 

To get a high performance on your text Ads, local targeting is a factor to consider and the targeting should be done either by city or location. Localization ensures that an Ad becomes more productive hence giving you the chance to grow your reach with your Ad.

Highlight your unique elements 

In order for your text Ad to have a high performance, you have to highlight your unique elements and your value proposition. Whether it is free shipping or variety, you have to showcase the offering that makes you unique and worth the while for the target audience.

Input the prices exclusives and promotions 

When you input the prices and exclusives, you help people make a decision quickly. With these details captured, you make it easier for the target audience to find what they need. It is a simple yet effective strategy that pushes the target audience to settle on your product or service. The key is to input promotions, exclusive product or limited time discounts available.

Empower the target audience 

When writing your text Ads, you have to empower your target audience if you are to guarantee high performance. When you empower the potential customers, it enables them take action swiftly. If you are selling, then make sure you tell them what they can buy and if it is a service, explain what they stand to benefit. Catch phrases like purchase, order today, call today or sign up work effectively.

Ensure you pre-qualify your market 

For your text Ads to achieve the intended purpose, you have to consider the target audience by pre-qualifying them. The key is to pre-qualify them since it will mean that the Ad will be relevant to the select people and at the same time appeal to a select group which is a factor that raises the conversion rates significantly. You can pre-qualify by placing the prices or setting your premium standards.

Utilize select keywords 

It will capture the relevance aspect since keywords within Ad text will direct people to you. You will be able to build a keyword list and work with it to influence the search parameters that will drive traffic to your Ads.

Make use of location and call extensions 

Create text Ads that are devoted to people utilizing the mobile devices. With location and call extensions, you get to capture the users using mobile platforms which means conversion rates will be influenced significantly.

Gravitate towards emotional triggers 

Empathy, curiosity and amusement are the most recognized emotions that lead to conversions. These emotions are what drive engagement and this is what significantly contributes to a rise in the Click Through Rates.

Stay away from dynamic keyword insertion 

When the Click Through Rate is considered, Dynamic Keyword Insertion ranks low. It is often floated as a way of making Ads relevant but it has a negative effect when it comes to the Click Through Rates for your Ads which means insertion of the same lowers performance.

Make your Ad respond to a question 

A question that a person is already asking themselves should be what you are targeting with your text Ads. It holds relevance and also improves on your ability to capture the attention of the target audience.

Capture conversion funnel logic 

When using conversion tunnel logic, you can effectively improve Ad copy by incentivizing the click by the target audience. Value proposition is captured well with the conversion funnel logic to give your Ad a better chance of appealing to the select market.

Lead with the benefits 

The best strategy to write the highest performing text Ads is to lead with the benefits that the target audience is bound to enjoy. This way, you get to generate conversions at a higher rate not to mention the high performance of your text Ads.

Capture core information in headline 1

Most search engines truncate Headline 2 and hence information in the headline may not be viewed by the target audience in the first instance. Keywords and core information should therefore be captured in Headline 1 to give your text Ads a chance to have a high performance.