WordPress Designer / Developer Available

I am a word Press CMS developer / designer, I can help you create a new website for your business or help you maintain your current website. I can develop website form scratch and developing website from your chosen template.

I am working as a freelance web developer from last 5 years and have worked with lots of local business in Twin Cities. I am a local person and available for meetings and on phone when you need me.

Please feel free to contact me, I will try to reply it ASAP.

20 plus years with:
* MS Access
* Visual Basic
* VBS Scripting

How we can help you:
* Develop new applications customized to your business needs.
* Create or update reports.
* Connect to other databases for transfer of data and reporting.
* Update or modify database and applications.
* Repair current database applications.
* Convert older databases to current versions.

What we have done for others:
* Complete Accounting Systems.
* Payroll & Employee Time Tracking.
* Contact and Marketing Tracking Systems.
* Attorney Client Billing Systems.
* Attorney Case Management.
* Large Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance Tracking.
* Catering Event Scheduling/Recipe/Sales Tax/Employee Scheduling.
* Trucking Transportation Invoice System.
* Produce distribution.
* Marine Product distribution.
* Business Marketing & Tracking.

Start here, BEFORE you pay a developer! I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this. You must have your design and specifications prepared by a specialist (me) before starting the coding. Upfront scoping and planning will save you thousands down the road, and eliminate multiple costly iterations and your money.
Our services include:

Fully Customizable Website
Full Search Engine Optimization
Custom logo design ()
Easy Content Management
Responsive and Mobile Friendly
Each Additional Page $
Delivery Within Business Days


Are you looking for a web designer? You’ve come to the right place!


+ Web development
+ Web portal development
+ eCommerce application development
+ Content Management System (CMS)
+ Mobile web apps development
+ Redesigning Social Media Pages
+ Customized business software development
+ Social Media App Development
+ CSS, JavaScript, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
+ Graphics, Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, Album Artwork, Pamphlets, ect…

Everything Access Here. Here Are A Few Areas That I Can Assist You With:

Time Accounting
Medical (Studies, Crfs, Etc.)
Integration Between Ms Software Products
Integration Between Ms Software Products And Other Software Products
Visual Basic
Sql Server / Access Front Ends

Strong work ethic, communicative, honest developer here seeking professional projects.
I have many career references, a social media presence, and a successful engineering career.
MEAN full stack, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and willing and eager to learn anything.
Please contact me if interested.
Building websites can be costly for both the web developer and client! So what do we do at Vanderex LLC? Make it less costly. With only one full time internet engineer and with the use of modern technology, we keep our costs far lower than other agencies. If you need to get your business on the map with a better site, here is what we can offer you in our Small Business Website package:

FREE Domain Name(URL)
Website/Email Hosting
Branded, Responsive Website
Daily Website Maintenance
Remarkable Response Time
Total Costs less than $500!


    • Web Development
    • Web Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Ecommerce
    • SEO
    • Social Media
    • Content Management
    • Web Applications
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Support
    • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Design