WordPress Custom Design

Drove small business client satisfaction and retention by leveraging SEO and PPC to improve
search engine visibility with WordPress.

• Streamlined operational efficiency by managing the full web project lifecycle,

including pre-launch mockups, design proofs, website development, and SEO


• Built out previously undeveloped web design and development processes to

automate design functions.

• Conducted monthly client meetings to share insights, account/process changes and

project updates for timely goal attainment and an enhanced online presence.

• Secured profitability by managing 15 clients that included website builds and

recurring monthly programs.

• Taught an SEO and Photoshop workshop through General Assembly, a company

exploring innovative courses in design, marketing, technology, and data.

Optimized marketing ROI by designing and developing websites from origination

through execution, including idea generation, home page design and layouts

• Created conversion-optimized websites for clients while initiating all

SEO/digital marketing-related accounts/optimizations for each client.

• Partnered with clients throughout the entire wireframe, design and build

process to ensure on-time and high quality project fulfillment.

• Delivered project scopes to ensure on-time client deliverables for 25+

website designs.

• Communicated with both clients and vendors during the website

construction process to maximize relations and deliverables.


I am working to continue to build upon my design portfolio and would love to help you launch your small business or individual website! I’m very versed in WordPress using many custom themes and layout designs.

Because this would be portfolio work for me I can complete the design and development of your website at a very competitive price point. Please see my resume below:

Then you must be overwhelmed with the all the extra work that comes a long with being your own boss: paperwork, research, website management. Owning your own business was supposed to be freeing! You were supposed to be playing golf and having drinks with clients; basking in the freedom that making your own schedule comes with. Instead you are knee deep in task and spending all your time figuring out how to reach new customers, come up with marketing and advertising, optimizing your SEO and PPC campaigns. Then someone ask ” how’s your social media presence?”. What!? I need a social media presence?”, you exclaim. Yeah, it is all quite frustrating and can be pretty overwhelming.

The good thing is you actually don’t need to do all of those things. Don’t get me wrong, SEO and PPC are quite necessary, today. However, in the interest of saving time (sanity) and money, it’s best to figure out how to reach your customer with the most affective platforms. Developing the minutia of your businesses is where I come in. I help build small and medium sized business marketing and customer acquisition plans, as well as handle task that you don’t feel like handling. Plans that are affective, enticing and easily managed, so that you don’t need me all the time.

Thats right. I said it. My job is to develop and build a marketing and administrative platform for your business, so that you don’t need me that much. To be honest, the real goal is to make it so that you do need me at all, eventually. I build it, give you the tools, show you how to operate them and leave you to enjoy your much easier and more profitable business.

Does that sound like something you would like to hear more about? Time is money, and if you are using too much of it worrying about the extras a business comes with, then you are bleeding yourself dry.

Don’t worry this isn’t expensive (this ad is on CL), but if you would like to know more about how I could help you become a more effective and profitable business, website or professional service just send me an email. There is no charge to ask questions. Only when I develop a plan and start working on building your freedom do you get charged.

I offer a comprehensive digital marketing service that encompasses all aspects of digital marketing strategy design and execution, from beginning to end. I am also available for any or all of these individual services:

-Copywriting (for website, social, blog and more)
-Social media profile setup and growth
-Digital marketing strategy
-Content strategy
-PPC and other paid digital advertising campaigns (Google Adwords, paid Facebook ads, etc.)
-Web design and setup
-Graphic and video content creation
-Search engine optimization (SEO)