Which Ecommerce Platform is Best for Small Businesses in 2019?

Which Ecommerce Platform is Best for Small Businesses in 2019?

The days of good old brick and mortar stores appear to be numbered as more and more people appear to prefer shopping online as compared to having to walk all the way to the store. This is because online shopping is a lot more convenient than having to go to the store and can be cheaper as well, with prices in online stores lower most of the time. This is why we have seen many brick and mortar stores that have refused to adopt with the changing times get into financial trouble in recent times with this trend set to carry on into 2019. Ecommerce has become the preferred and the fastest growing of all retail channels in recent times and while it may seem daunting for small businesses, it can work for such businesses depending on the platform one chooses. For small businesses, due to deficits in terms of technology, one should be looking easy-to-use ecommerce platforms and as such there are a number of platforms that should come in handy here. This article will look to highlight some of the best ecommerce platforms for small businesses out there in 2019.

The one ecommerce platform that is mentioned a lot, as far as small businesses go is Wix Stores, which is one to watch going into 2019. As is discussed in detail on tyguo.com, it was originally built as a website builder nut has become a major player in ecommerce circles in recent years. Its drag and drop architecture brings about a simplicity that makes it so easy to use and also makes it so easy to set up which is why it is so popular with small businesses. With its user-friendly editor, all you have to do is drag and drop content anywhere and no coding is required at all. It also comes with lots of templates for online stores, over 500 of them, and for those looking to get started right away it provides stock images to be used right away other than going through all those templates. As far as cons go, one of them has to do with the fact that it is a website builder first and foremost and as such it can be quite basic as far as ecommerce capabilities go. Also, another drawback is the fact that you won’t be able to change the template of your site once you have published it. As far as pricing goes, given it’s a subscription-based service, they have a number of plans ranging from as little as $5 per month to $25 which is why it is so popular among small businesses given how affordable it is.

Another ecommerce platform for small businesses to go for in 2019 is Squarespace. This is no surprise given it was created as a website builder initially and also operates with drag and drop which is great for small businesses as most folks here are new to ecommerce. It has over the years started to concentrate more on the ecommerce side of things and this has shown in the options it now boasts from inventory management, unlimited products, shipping, coupons and so many other options and features. As far as its user interface goes, it is very simple and beginner friendly which makes its very good for small businesses, most of which are beginners. Its website templates are very clean and stylish and also compatible with mobile which is great in the modern era. The fact that its website template has great focus on the elegance and beauty of design makes it the perfect ecommerce platform as far as selling products that require high-quality imagery. It is yet another great ecommerce platform for small businesses in 2019.

Another ecommerce platform that is suitable for small businesses in 2019 is Shopify, as has been discussed on tyguo.com by the industry experts there. It is arguably the most popular and easily recognizable of all ecommerce platforms out there. The fact that it is easy to use and set up makes it perfect for small businesses as it doesn’t require one to have great tech skills to get started and to use it. It also comes with lots of free themes, all of which are optimized for mobile another count in its pros column. Also, the fact that one doesn’t require any coding skills to make any customization makes it even more attractive for small businesses looking to get into the ecommerce industry. It offers a lot of other options as far as ecommerce goes, more so than the other platforms discussed above which is something one should keep in mind when looking at ecommerce platforms for your small business in 2019.

The above are some of the options available for small businesses looking for ecommerce platforms in 2019 with more on the same and other topics to be found on tyguo.com.

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