What makes a good patent attorney in 2019

What makes a good patent attorney in 2019  

Patent attorneys are facing a huge demand setting in 2019 and this is mainly down to the high number of inventions and entrepreneurs looking to protect their intellectual property. In the US alone, the number of patents applied for in 2018 was 13% higher than in the previous year which shows the gravity with which patents are being considered. Renowned patent gurus including tyguo.com have been vocal in pointing out that 2019 will see the patent world rocked with astronomical numbers especially since creativity and inventions are at an all-time high owing to unemployment and mechanization of labor. Writing, applying and protecting patents is therefore tuned to be a fulltime job and thus, patent attorneys will have to be at their best. But what makes a good patent attorney in 2019? Here is a look at the qualities. 

Lateral thinking 

Patent attorneys in 2019 have to be proactive when it comes to lateral thinking. Lateral thinking captures the case in point where a patent attorney must be just as creative as the inventors bringing in the patent applications. Lateral thinking is what will allow a patent attorney to think as competitors would and thereby be in a position to seal the loopholes that patent trolls would look to exploit. It is only through lateral thinking that a patent attorney will be efficient in structuring the protection line for a patent. 

Command of written word 

A patent attorney needs to be proficient in the written word if one is to be successful. What most patent attorneys don’t realize is the fact that the wording and expression of a patent application also contributes to the approval of the same. If the wording is done correctly and expertly, it becomes easier for the USPTO to understand the proprietary element being communicated and this weighs in on the approval process for the same.  

Analytical skills 

The patent field is wide and therefore has a large pool of information. With respect to this, a competent patent attorney in 2019 will have to demonstrate top class analytical skills in reviewing data and evidence in order to come up with well-reasoned conclusions that will aid the chances of respective clients across the board.  

Time management 

2019 looks to be the year when patent applications and litigation for the same will go through the roof. This means that patent attorneys will have their hands full with cases on their desks. With the multiple cases in varied tech fields, organizing the work and managing the time becomes a crucial factor to consider. Time management when dealing with the cases is what can ensure a patent attorney is at the top of their game.  

Healthy sense of doubt 

A good patent attorney is one with a healthy sense of doubt. Expert patent attorneys including tyguo.com have pointed out that a healthy sense of doubt is what makes you the best at what you do. What a healthy sense of doubt does is give you an opti-pessimistic mindset whereby as much as you are angling for a patent, you also get to think of the obstacles that may hinder the approval of the same. With this line of action in place, it is possible to have a higher patent application approval rate since any obstacles to approval will have been thought of and covered or addressed before the application is handed in. 

Litigation experience 

Formal education is not enough when it comes to litigation and overall patent protection. At the same time, the litigation experience needed is not in terms of cases won but on the varied case scenarios handled. It is this kind of experience that can aid patent attorneys be the best in 2019. With litigation experience, it is possible to think of the varied angles with which a patent can be applied for and protected which is a major plus in the industry at the moment with varied inventions and variations entering the market. 

Ability to think on the go

This is basically a willingness to learn on the job and grow with the industry. With more inventions on the way and variations of available inventions in play, it is crucial that a patent attorney learns and adds to the already available knowledge. The patent field is one that is sure to experience new legal scenarios and new technologies and a patent attorney must be steadfast to keep with the evolution.  

Eye for detail 

It is said that nobody reinvents the wheel but rather optimizes what is already working. This translated in the patent world means that what inventors are doing is creating more useful and creative ways of handling problems that already exist. As a patent attorney in 2019, the key to success would be to have an eye for detail which is a factor that will ultimately ensure one is able to differentiate the inventions that are brought forward.

Technical angle 

There is no one better to lecture on the technical angle than the expert patent attorney at tyguo.com. a technical angle is very important as it ensures a patent attorney is better equipped to handle varied patent applications. Since there is a wide range of technologies in play and different fields where patent applications are done, having a technical angle will be an absolute bonus as it will improve the odds of success.  

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