How to Use AdWords Click to Message Ads to Talk to Customers. 25 Tips

How to Use AdWords Click to Message Ads to Talk to Customers. 25 Tips

True to expectations, click to message ads, which were rolled out by google recently, have lived up to their expectations. Reports of click through rates increasing by an astounding 50% have been rampant and the efficacy of such ads, therefore, has been largely proven. Below are 25 tips on how you can use click to message ads.

How to implement click to message ads

Simply navigate to the extensions tab where you will see the relevant option. Click on it and a page requesting click to message ad specifics will surface. Follow the prompts and that is all there is to it.

Apply click to message ads at campaign level

To ease up management, apply the ad you have just created at the campaign level as opposed to the ad group level

Ensure clarity

Ads should uphold clarity; therefore, make sure the extension text you generate is as clear as it is concise.

Confirm ad congruence

As a package, the ads you run should be congruent to foster elevated appeal. Keep this in mind as you formulate the click to message ad.

Make the message text compelling

Assists those who click on your ad to start a conversion by implementing compelling and concise message text.

Pair your click to message extension with quality ads

Efforts expended in creating call to message extensions are nullified if the extension is not coupled with a quality ad. Thus, start off by making sure that your ads are high quality and appealing.

Uphold relevance

Of course, everything about the ad should be relevant to your cause and the type of business you are promoting.

Practice proper targeting

Your call to message ad will be a waste if it fails to show before relevant audiences. For this reason, polish up on targeting.

Always man your message lines

Nothing is more frustrating than being stood up. If at all a willing customer texts without an ensuing prompt reply, the customer will definitely opt for a competitor.

Consider the cheapest text services

Business decisions should be financially feasible; hence, consider cheap SMS services provided service quality is not compromised.

Work on your quality score

A healthy quality score (above 8) will ensure that your ads show as often as possible thereby increasing the click through rate of your click to message ad.

Refine your mobile strategy

Click to message is primarily mobile based. Therefore, couple it up with a refined mobile advertising strategy to further boost lead generation.

Create multiple extensions

If you are running varied ads, you will have to create multiple extensions that resonate with the intended audience of each ad to ensure relevance and congruence.

Practice immediate troubleshooting

Address issues as they arise to avoid accumulation of problems which might pose more daunting troubleshooting exercises.

Schedule extensions

You cannot be available at all times. In light of this, use the scheduling feature so that your ad will only run when you are available.

Respond properly

Once texted, you should respond in a friendly manner. Furthermore, be mindful of typos and grammar issues which may present your brand in bad light.

Only manual tracking is applicable

Sadly, Google does not track click to message ads as per now. Thus, you will have to manually take and keep records of those who interact with your brand via click to message ads to glean insights.

Employ the services of professional ad creators

It might be expensive, but by going for professional ad jobs, you will rest easy knowing that ad quality is top-notch.

Review your ads often

Shake up things a little bit every once in a while to breathe some fresh air into your ads and improve their relevance.

Schedule call backs

Some people prefer other channels of contact such as calls. Provide a method of transition to make the same possible such as scheduling call backs to boost client satisfaction.

Build trust

At all times, the goal should be to build trust. Not all who engage with your ad will convert, but by building trust, you will greatly encourage and persuade such people into becoming hot leads.

Use local numbers

In line with building trust, use local numbers in your ads if possible to give the impression that your business is locally available.

Create a list

Use message logs to create a list of potential leads, hot leads, those who need priming, etc. It boils down to finding ingenious ways to use the data gathered to further your business goals.

No hard selling

As always, hard selling is greatly discouraged even if a customer develops cold feet. Rather, adopt a soft, attentive and helpful approach.

Monitor performance

Monitor the performance of your click to message ads so that you can know when something is amiss or when you need to overhaul things.

Evidently, click to message ads work best if incorporated into a larger, well thought out and properly developed strategy. Only by adopting a holistic approach can you manage to get the most out of click to message ads.