Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Types of Campaigns 

PPC Campaigns are puzzles. Small decisions can result in huge ROI differences. RunRex uses years of behavior to get you customers. By understanding what the customer is looking for and why they clicked on the ad, we turn clickers in to customers. We offer transparency and results.

AdWords: Be Found on the Google Network

Cost: 20% of Advertising Spend

Bing: Be Found on the Bing Network

Cost: 20% of Advertising Spend

Brand Campaign: Capture your digital brand.  Great for those who do traditional media.  Prevent your competition from stealing your customers.

Cost: $500 a month

New Customers: Advertise to new customers.

Cost: $500 a month

Returning Customers: Advertise your returning customers

Cost: $250 a month

Retargeting: Advertise to those who visited your website.

Cost: $250 a month

Display: Use display ads to brand your business.

Cost: $250 a month

Geo-Fencing: Only target to the geographic region you want.

Cost: $500 a month

Conquest: Take customers from other business.

Cost: $1,000 a month

Call Only: Call Only is uniquely built for businesses that value phone calls more than website clicks.  Call Only ads allow you to include a phone number in your standard text ad.  It’s the perfect way to drive phone calls to your business. 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results. Use our proprietary software to increase the volume of phone calls to your dealership.

Cost: $1,000 a month

SEO: Organic Growth on Search Engines

SEO is a wide array of practices with the goal of bringing your website to the first page in search engine results in Google and Bing. When a potential customer searches  for relevant keywords, you have to be seen to be relevant. We offer SEO Press Releases. RunRex’s SEO Services will include (but are not limited to):

Researching keywords and phrases to select appropriate, relevant search terms (up to 15 phrases)

Obtaining “back links” from other related websites and directories in order to generate link popularity and traffic (up to 15 links a month).

Editing and/or optimization of text for various html tags, meta data, page titles, and page text as necessary (up to 5 pages a month).

Analysis and recommendations on optimal website structure, navigation, code, etc. for best SEO purposes.

Recommend, as required, additional web pages or content for the purpose of

“catching” keyword/phrase searches.

Create traffic and ranking reports for the above websites and any associated pages showing rankings in the major search engines.

On Page: We will get your site on the list of search results for a given keyword.

Cost: $1,000 a month

Off Page: We will build your site as the authority on a subject.  We will help your site get on top of search results by building backlinks.

Cost: $1,000 a month

YouTube: Video Marketing

Pre-Roll: Pay only after 30 seconds or more is watched.

Cost: $1,000 a month

Premium Pre-Roll: Target certain demographics.

Cost: $1,000 a month

Bumper: Quick 15 second ad that gets to the point.

Cost: $1,000 a month

Facebook: Find customers using Facebook targeting.  

Custom Audiences: You can use an email or phone number list to target. Cost: $500 a month

Demographic Targeting: Target by age, gender, and marital status.  Cost: $500 a month

Credit Targeting: By obtaining an email list with credit scores from Expedian, target based on credit gradients.  Those will poor credit will be targeted with different ads then those with high credit.  Cost: $500 a month

Interest Targeting: Target by customer brand interest. Cost: $500 a month

Twitter Ads: Post and promote pictures of smiling customers.  $500/ Month

Instagram: Post and promote pictures of smiling customers.  $500/ Month

Craigslist: One of the best ways to sell used items.  We use our proprietary software to generate ads. $5.50 a Listing

Centro DSP: Run successful online campaigns across every channel using this programmatic advertising solution. $500/ Month
E-Mail Marketing: Use automated emails to reach and retain your customers base. $500/ Month

Landing Page Optimization:  Optimize, track, and understand your audience.  A/B test various landing pages and choose the highest converting.  $100/ Month

Automated Bidding: Use our proprietary software (javascript, we install into AdWords) to change bidding based on factors such as weather, bid patterns, and customer behavior. $100/ Month

Twilio Phone Recording: Record all your phone calls. Generate new phones numbers for various campaigns.  Track all phone calls.  $100/ Month

Call DNA: Understand who your callers are and how they converse with you.  $100/ Month
Local Pack: We rank you so local customers can find you.  $500/ Month

Graphic Design  

Brand Identity: We create you a logo and brand guidelines you can use for future stationery and print collateral.  Please inquire about our printing availabilities.

$1,000/ One Time

Print Design: Our highly qualified print experts will design you visually appealing print material you can use for stationary and promotional prints.

$2,000/ One Time

Digital Design: We will design and create a digital brand for you across all social media.

$2,000/ One Time


Website Development: Using our marketing expertise, we get you noticed online.  Our team will work with you to develop a website that highlights what’s important to you.  We provide the developers, designers, and strategy.

Template Website: 20 hours of development and design with a WordPress template.

$1,500 (ask for more details)

Custom Website: 100 hours of development and design with a customized template.

$5,000 (ask for more details)

Designer Website: 200 hours of development and design with a designer template.

$10,000 (ask for more details)

Mobile App Development: We have one of the best mobile app development teams in Texas. We can deploy apps on every major smartphone platform.  This includes iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  We create quality code based on your needs.

Cost: Price Varies ($40-$75/hour)

Website Maintenance: This includes fixing all possible bugs. If something breaks we will fix it. It will include a monthly audit to future proof potential breakages. This monthly audit will be for both websites and takes abound 2 hours total. We will send you a report of our findings. One of the main things we do is to test the page speed according to Google. We conduct tests using https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ on desktop and mobile. We make sure you website is up to date with various plugins and features. In addition we manage your google analytics. We will send you a google analytics report with our SEO report once a month. Essentially we do the little things that helps your website run smoothly.

$500/ Month

Content Marketing

Social Media: Social Media is a powerful way to attract customers. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to engage your customers. Our goal is to paint you as the best candidate. We want to tell your story. In doing so we will build a loyal customer base. $1,000/ Month

Blogs:  We will blog for you.  Our content specialist will research and development high quality 500 word blogs that will drive qualified traffic to your website.  $250 a Blog

Press Releases: A great way to boost media response.  With over 500,000 contacts and records available, we will submit your press release to everyone we know.  We have an excellent media list and work with several of the largest softwares.  We will even research and write your press releases. $550 a Press Release