Top SEO tips for online stores

Top SEO tips for online stores  

Managing an online store with SEO in play is an exercise that requires a steady hand that will incorporate the best practices that are sure to deliver the expected results. SEO experts including have continued to point out the fact that Search Engine Optimization is a delicate science that should be approached from an informed point of view. Since the Google algorithm gives a score to each website, it points to the fact that every search performed determines which website will rank best. 

Reviewing SEO Score setting 

Quality of site

The quality of the site counts when it comes to SEO meaning the site or page has to offer value. The key to mastering this setting is to have unique, interesting and good content that will speak to what the target audience needs. The key to SEO as reported by is focusing on being informative and creating a community where you will offer different and better than the rest.  

In-bound links

Here is where it gets interesting since the search engines check how many sites link to you and this is what counts towards the authority of your website. The key here is to get other trusted sites to link to you while you also target other industry links, post articles and feature the happy customers.  


This is perhaps one of the banana skins of the SEO world since the trust people have for you will determine how well you perform in the organic SERPs. You have to strive to become the trusted score for that search since search engines penalize sites that post consistent poor reviews. 

Starting out on SEO 

Once you set your mind on SEO, reveals that you must be steadfast in checking for KPIs to understand where you are at before you begin on your journey to perfecting SEO. 

Organic sessions

These are the earned visits that your site has recorded. This will be crucial in understanding where you are at and your type of target audience. 

Keyword ranking increase

This is check on how you are performing as far as keyword integration is concerned. A higher website rank for the high volume keywords translates to a good performance. 

Leads and conversions 

This is where you get to analyze any contact with a potential customer be it the signups, form submissions, calls, registrations or purchases. 

Bounce rate

It is crucial that you check on the bounce rate which simply reveals the rate at which pages load without the visitor performing an action. The rate is arrived at by taking the non-interactive sessions divided by total number of sessions. 

Average session duration

The duration of a session reveals the interaction that a prospective customer or visitor has with your site or specific page. This, as revealed by, will help you understand the level of engagement your website has. The length of a visit explains the quality of site and content which frankly is what incentivizes visitors to stay.  

Page load time

Look at how you behave as a user and translate that to the website visitors. A user is less likely to explore with every additional time in loading and this significantly increases your site’s bounce rate.

Crawl errors

Search engines have to access site content to assess value and this cannot be done if there are crawl errors preventing the search engine spiders from doing their work. 

SEO tips to master

Publish high quality content

Quality of content is crucial since it is the informative aspect that helps keep a visitor on the site. As it is continuously said in SEO, content is king and you have to provide value for you to gain rankings. 

Capture search intent

This boils down to understanding what the target audience needs before they show it. You have to know search intent for you to create pages that drive traffic. The key is to speak to what the target audience needs.  

Keyword research

It is only through keyword research that you can have the capacity to support quality content. Keyword research is essential in content creation. What’s more? It is also the roadmap for competitor research and understanding the ranking factors.  

Voice search

In line with the search engine updates, reports that 72% of people with a voice-activated speaker incorporate it in daily operations. AI assistants have also optimized the way people search which means any SEO strategy has to include and optimize voice search.  

Rich Snippets

Utilize schema to markup your text and data to effectively improve visibility in search engines. With this, you will get to increase click-through rates and lower the bounce rates. 

Make your website mobile-friendly

A mobile strategy is a must-have when doing SEO since it will aid you in creating a responsive website that will transform the user experience. 

Secure your website 

Website security was captured as a ranking signal back in 2014 and in 2017 Chrome was announced as flagging the non-HTTPS websites. 

Improve User Experience 

User experience is key to the success of SEO since it has been recorded that in excess of 38% of people stop interacting with a website if the page layout and content is not attractive. In a deeper consideration, dwell time is important in this which means you must fix site architecture to help users find what they need translating to better website navigation. 

Work on page speed

Page speed is an official google mobile ranking factor especially with the mobile-first index in play. Slower site load means you get to lose out more on organic traffic.  

Capture on-page optimization

The power of on-page optimization is huge which means you get to impact visibility using content, keywords, H1 and H2 tags, meta data, internal linkages, title tags, page descriptions and schema markups. 

Earn authoritative and relevant backlinks

A leading SEO component are the backlinks and you can build these through case studies, expert roundups, infographics, influencer content and relevant industry surveys. 

Incorporate local search

Online research for online/offline buying is a growing trend and this means your SEO angle should incorporate local search. 

Diversify traffic sources

From newsletters to subscriber-based content, blogs and social media; this is the way to capture loyal prospects.