Top 20 Vintage and Consignment Stores in Houston Texas

Top 20 Vintage and Consignment Stores in Houston Texas

Those with an eye for a good deal when it comes to shopping are always on the prowl for some great vintage items and goods. That is why it is becoming more and more important for one to know the best vintage and consignment stores in town, where they can get what it is they are looking for. For those in Houston Texas, worry no more as this article will do all the leg work for you by identifying 20 of the best vintage and consignment stores in town.

One of the best places to find vintage and antique items in Houston. The staff are very welcoming and easy to deal with, while the prices are just as friendly. One place you have to definitely check out when in Houston.

Cheeky Vintage

Located in Upper Kirby, they have some of the cutest and most amazing stuff you will ever see in store. The staff are also very welcoming, friendly and easy to work with. Worth checking out definitely.

EaDo Vintage

This vintage and consignment store is located in EaDo. This is what you’d call a real vintage store as the stuff you will find here are unique and things you may have never seen before; great little store.

Pavement Houston Clothing

This particular one is located in Montrose and has some of the best deals on items you will find around town. Their selection is also very wide especially when it comes to clothing, for both men and women.

They have lots of unique, cute and never before seen items and their prices are very competitive with discounts regularly thrown into the mix. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

Houston Junior Forum

This is located in The Heights area and they have all sorts of vintage and unique antique items. They especially have excellent vintage furniture at very fair prices; one you have to check out.

Lo-Fi Vintage

Located in Montrose once again, it is yet another top notch vintage and consignment store. The pricing is very fair and the selection of retro clothing is very impressive and extensive.


Excellently named store, located in The Heights. It is one of the coolest stores you will ever step into with a retro atmosphere the moment you step into it. The staff are also worth mentioning as they are very friendly and warm.

This is arguably one of the best vintage and consignment stores in Houston without doubt. This is when you take into consideration their selection, friendly staff and fair prices. Definitely worth checking out.

Leopard Lounge

This is yet another great vintage and consignment store located in Montrose. It is one of the most popular around with all sorts of cool vintage stuff. If vintage is what you are looking for, then look no further.

My Flaming Heart

This particular store is located in Midtown, Fourth Ward and it is the place to be when looking for vintage items. They particularly specialize in vintage jewelry like crystals and stones at very fair prices.

Options Trading Company

This little vintage and consignment store is located in Third Ward and it is known for having an amazing selection of vintage stuff. It is one which will have coming back over and over again, that is how impressive it is.

you won’t find a better stocked vintage and consignment store especially when it comes to cute unique vintage items of all types. You also won’t find better stuff to deal with than those you will find here.

The Guild Shop

This is yet another excellent Vintage and consignment store in Montrose. It is extremely popular and with it great selection of antique items especially mats and rags at great prices, it is easy to see just why it is so popular.

Mustard Seed Resale Shop

This particular one is located in Midtown Houston and it is yet another one with a great selection of retro items. They particularly excel in furniture so if you’re looking for some amazing vintage furniture, look no further.

El Bambi

Located in The Heights, this is one of the best curated vintage and consignment stores you will ever find. The shopping experience is only enhanced by an owner and staff that are very friendly and warm.

This store is one of the best places to shop if you are into vintage and retro items. From clothes, furniture, jewelry and so much more they have all this in stock at very affordable prices.

Top Vintage

This store is located in Gulfgate/Pine Valley and it is yet another terrific place to find vintage items in Houston, especially clothing items and shoes and the prices are so competitive; great place.

Upper Kirby Consignment

As the name suggests, they are located in Upper Kirby and they have some of the best unique vintage items and especially those to do with home décor and utensils. The staff and prices are also extremely friendly as well.

The Vintage Label

Located in the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area of Houston, they are the place to hop when you are looking for unique vintage clothing. They carry women’s clothing and the stuff are very fashion savvy and even help in picking out the right wardrobe for their clients.

Hopefully with the sue of the information above, you will be able to sate your appetite for vintage items by visiting the vintage and consignment stores discussed above.

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