Top 20 Recreational Centers in Houston Texas

Top 20 Recreational Centers in Houston Texas

After a long stressful day or week at work, folks are always yearning for a place where they can unwind and beat back the stresses of the day or week. Finding the right place for the different tastes that all of us have is usually the issue. This however, shouldn’t be an issue any longer for the people of Houston as this article will put forward 20 of the best recreational centers in town just for your benefit.

This is one of the crown jewels of Houston as it has helped bring the community together no end. They have all sorts of activities and competitions that are great fun for folks of all ages. Definitely worth popping in.

University of Houston Campus Recreation

This one is located in Third Ward and is a great recreation center especially for students. It has excellent gym facilities as well as swimming pools and with all sorts of water activities. A great place to unwind after a hard week of studying.

Fonde Recreation Center

This particular one is located in Fourth Ward and has a gym that caters to different types of sports from basketball to tennis to squash and many more. It is a great place to kick back and relax with the sue of sport.

UTHealth Auxiliary Enterprises Recreation Center

Located close to the Medical Center in Houston, it is a great place to go to unwind especially those who like fitness as they have a well-stocked, spacious gym. There is also ample packing available which is a huge bonus.

They offer all sorts of recreational activities from sports to relaxation and meditation and the prices for admittance are very competitive. This is definitely worth checking out.

Sagemont Community Center

One of the biggest selling point for this recreation center is just how clean and safe the space is. This is important especially since they have kids’ activities and it is always good news to know your kids will be safe.

MI3 Center

Located just off Ella Crossing Drive, this is the perfect recreational center for those that love basketball. They have a couple of clean, spacious courts and the ambience is always easy and relaxed.

West University Place Recreation Center

As the name implies, this recreational center is located in West University. They offer all sorts of activities, including those involving fitness work and they also have shaded playground for kids. Excellent place to go and unwind.

Having operated in Houston for a while now, they know exactly what the people here want and go the extra mile to give them that with all of the favourite activities like swimming, dancing among others. Very much community oriented which is why they are so popular.

White Oaks Conference Center

Located in Inwood, just off Antione Drive, this conference center has great recreational facilities as well. There are lots of activities and amenities that makes this the perfect get away especially for a group of people looking to conduct business in a laid back environment.

Trini Mendenhall Community Center

This recreation center is located in Spring Branch and is an excellent place to be for those that kick back with some fitness work. The amenities are spacious and clean and the staff very friendly.

Bayou Club

Located just off Memorial Drive, this is one exclusive club with a very old school feel to it. Cellphones are not allowed which adds to the relaxation nature and the food is great. Definitely a place you have to check out.

They have spacious and well stocked facilities that are very clean and safe. All sorts of activities for all age brackets can be found here and the staff are very warm and jovial. Definitely worth a punt.

Barbara and David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center

Another recreation center located in West University, they have excellent facilities as far as the gym is concerned and a very big and clean swimming pool. It is yet another fun place to go to.

Quillian Center

This particular recreational facility is located in Westchase and they have nice clean spaces ideal for parties and get-togethers. They also have summer camps which are great fun. The staff are very helpful when needed as well which is an added advantage.


Located in Spring Branch is this unique recreational center. This is because as the name suggests, they have a place for breaking and smashing stuff as a stress reducing mechanism as well as team building. This is one place you have to check out.

They do an excellent job of bringing the community together with all sorts of fun activities and excellent facilities all happening with an emphasis on safety especially for kids. Yet another excellent recreational center in Houston.

H-Town Elite Gymnastics

This particular one is located in The Heights area, and they are excellent for those young kids that are into gymnastics. They have excellent trainers and the facilities are superb. Such a great way for kids to relax while advancing their skills and boosting confidence.

WISE Learning & Sports

Located in Alief is this gem of a recreational store. They have excellent facilities for sports like tennis, basketball among others as well as great gym facilities.

Blue Triangle Multi-Cultural Assoc Inc

This particular recreational center is located in Third Ward and is especially great for summer camps, which are usually lots of fun. They also have large, clean swimming pools where they also offer lessons for those looking to learn.

It is our hope that armed with the information on the recreational centers above, you will be able to find the right fit for you where you and your friends or family can unwind and relax.

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