Top 20 Places to Sell Yugioh Cards in Houston Texas

Top 20 Places to Sell Yugioh Cards in Houston Texas

There is no denying that finding a place where you can sell your Yugioh cards without feeling like the buyer is exploiting the situation is a tough ask. This is a reality most people in the Yugioh community have had to experience, with those in Houston not being an exception. However, things may not be as bad as they seem as in Houston, there are a number of places where you can get decent services as far as selling Yugioh card are concerned with this article looking to highlight 20 of the best.

The crème de la crème as far as matters Yugioh are concerned including selling of Yugioh cards. The owner Tony Guo is big on Yugioh and the best in the business which is always good as you know your cards will be staying within the Yugioh community.

Tony Guo is the owner here too so you know that they have all angles Yugioh covered. Great deals and very friendly staff with a passionate owner makes choosing them a no-brainer really.

Third planet

Located in the Upper Kirby area, they offer great deals for cards as they stick to the mantra that Yugioh is a community game hence they never look to squeeze moneywise those looking to sell their cards. Definitely worth visiting.


Another option for those looking to sell their cards as here they ensure that their card appraisal process is as quick and as fair as possible. The staff are very knowledgeable so you know they will get you the right deal.

Asgard Games

Well known gaming place in Houston Texas with trading card games being one of their strong suits. You can therefore be sure that you will get the right deals as far as selling your Yugioh cards are concerned.

Houston Sports Connection

All you have to do is hit Westheimer Road Suite and you will spot this gem of a gaming and sports store. Their services as far as Yugioh is concerned are top notch and so selling your cards shouldn’t be any exception; give them a visit.

Heroes Collectibles

Another staple in Houston as far as trading card games like Yugioh are concerned. This comes highly recommended due to their great customer service and great deals for those looking to sell their cards.


Here you will find a very knowledgeable and passionate staff that will ensure that your cards are appraised as they deserve and you will even get a chance to forego money and exchange your cards for other items.

Survival Game of Texas

If you have ever taken a drive along Aldine Meadows road, you have seen this gem of a store. They have an extensive Yugioh section where you are sure to strike good deals for the sale of your cards.

Quality Games TX

They are big on board games but their inventory as far as trading card games like Yugioh are concerned is extensive so give them a visit and strike a deal for your cards.

Dragon’s Lair

Really enchanting name but the services match up to the title as far as this store is concerned. Comes highly recommended on matters Yugioh including selling of cards so give them a visit.

Montag’s Games

Excellent gaming store that is a staple in Houston especially on weekends when it is usually flooded with gamers. Take your time to take your Yugioh cards to be appraised and sell it to them, you won’t be disappointed.

Senpai’s Cards & Anime

Another establishment in Houston Texas that is pretty much synonymous with trading card games like Yugioh. Most people who have sold their cards here have very good stories to tell so check them out.

Headline Sports Authentic Autographs & More

Don’t let the fact that they are known for their collection of sports magazines deceive you. They are big on Yugioh as well and they offer excellent deals for those looking to part with their cards.

Nan’s Games & Comics Too

If you are looking to sell your Yugioh cards and also love going to The Galleria, then you can kill two birds with one stone by checking them out for great deals on your cards; they are top shelf.

Field of Dreams

Also located along Westheimer Road, they are literally the staff of dreams as far as Yugioh enthusiasts are concerned in Houston, including those looking to sell their cards with great deals on offer.

CY-TEX Gaming

Known for their great discounts on products, they have a facility whereby by selling your Yugioh cards you can be able to get discounts on other products in the store if you so wish. Another excellent option.

Cards & Comic Connection

Their name just says it all as by doing business with them, you will be connected to some of the best deals as far as selling of Yugioh cards are concerned. Definitely worth checking out when in the area.

Ettin Games and Hobbies

Another great hangout for gamers, especially in the weekend and on holidays. As far as Yugioh is concerned, they have excellent services which includes selling of cards. They offer great prices with discounts thrown in for rares and cards in excellent condition.

Arclight Gaming

Their Yugioh section is very extensive and here you can call in advance to enquire about selling of your cards and even agree on a deal prior to going there saving a lot of time. Their staff are very accommodating and friendly as well.

When you think of selling your Yugioh cards in Houston Texas, always think of Tony Guo and as well as as they are the best without doubt. The other 18 options are not too shabby either.