Top 20 Places to Play Board Games in Houston Texas

Top 20 Places to Play Board Games in Houston Texas

Playing board games are usually the best way to bond and interact with friends and family and as such, they are the favorite leisure activity for most people. This is true for the people of Houston Texas, and this article will look to highlight 20 of the best places where you can play board games in the area.

Marshalled by the owner Tony Guo, this is the best spot to play board games in town without doubt. It is spacious and cozy, and they hold frequent game nights when board game lovers gather to battle against each other.

Tony Guo, the owner is the best when it comes to matters board games, and here the tables are wide and the ambience is very friendly as are the staff who are also very knowledgeable on the various board games making playing here a real treat.

Coral Sword

Located in Eastwood Houston, this is the perfect location to hang out with friends over a game of your favorite board game. They have a variety of board games so there is something for everybody.

Montag’s Games

They combine very friendly staff with a great selection of board games to make for an excellent experience. This is the place where you are likely to find even the most obscure of board games so check them out.

Tea + Victory

Awesome choice of name and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. They have so many board games to choose from, which you can play over great food and drink. This is one place you have to check out.

Rick’s Darts & Games

Located along Westheimer road, they pride themselves with having a wide selection of board games and spacious and clean areas where folks can play and they leave up to this expectation.


This is like nirvana for any board game geek in Houston. They offer a wide selection of table top board games with spacious rooms to enjoy, with tournaments regularly being held and great prices being on offer.

Neil’s Bahr

This is the perfect mix of gaming and drink. They combine great music, excellent drinks and food with a wide variety of board games to make for an awesome experience.

8th Dimension Comics & Games

This is yet another excellent location to get you board game fix. The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable and the selection of board games extensive. What is not to like with this?

Board and Brew Gaming

Lots of table top board games to choose from, with the staff always willing and ready to help. The drinks here are quality as well with great prices to boot; excellent location.

The Gaming Goat

You know you are onto something when a place has the word goat in its title and this is one cool place. Their selection of board games is second to none and there is enough space to enjoy your favorite game.

Beyond the Dungeon

This is yet another place you have to visit if your board game itch needs scratching. They have an excellent selection of table top board games to choose from with the staff always on hand to help out if needed.

Asgard Games

The fact that it is located in downtown Houston makes it very convenient to get to it. They not only have many tables for table top board gaming, they have a private gaming room for those who value privacy.

Nan’s Games and Comics Too

This is like a museum for board games as they have pretty much any board game you can imagine, from new additions to classic ones. There are also lots of tables to enjoy this games making this store a must visit.

Ettin Games and Hobbies

Their selection of board games is impressive with enough space and tables to play them. They also host themed board game events every weekend which are always fun to attend.

Golem’s gate – Gaming and Geekdom

Yet another great place for board game geeks in Houston Texas. This is because they have a wide variety of board games to choose from, with very friendly staff to help with the playing if needed.

Dragon’s Lair

Very clean store with lots of space to cater for all the tables for playing they have. They also have a wide selection of board games to choose from so give them a visit when in the area.

Bedrock City Comic Company

Another fixture in the Houston area when it comes to matters gaming and board games are no exception. Their selection is wide with enough tables and space to play in the store, worth checking out.

Heroes Collectables

This absolute gem of a store is located in the Westchase area, with the store itself having enough space to go with the wide selection of board games they carry. The staff are also very knowledgeable and friendly.

Magick Cauldron

Located in the Montrose area of Houston, the store has a very calm and easy ambience which adds to the gaming atmosphere. As can be expected their board game selection is impressive with extremely helpful staff to boot.

Tony Guo is definitely the best in the area when it comes to matters board games and it is no wonder that two of his establishments, and, are the top dogs when looking for locations to play board games in Houston Texas; make sure you check them out.