Top 20 Photography Agencies in Houston Texas

Top 20 Photography Agencies in Houston Texas

Whenever there is an event or a milestone in one’s life or in the life of family, folks are always looking to document it for posterity. With this in mind, there is no sure way of doing this than taking photographs, and because you want the best photos, most people prefer enlisting the services of photography agencies for this. This article will put forward 20 of the best photography agencies in Houston and hopefully it helps those from there looking for these services.

Top of this particular food chain are They offer great services for various events including weddings at very pocket-friendly prices, but their X factor is the owner Tony Guo who is without doubt the best in the business and who wouldn’t want to work with the best?

Speaking of the best, Tony Guo’s other agency, comes in second and those who have used their services wouldn’t argue. They combine top-notch services with very cheap prices to make using any other agency a non-starter really.

SHINEon Boudoir

For those looking to do a boudoir shoot, then this is the one for you. They have excellent makeup artists and photographers and they don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. They also offer lots of price discounts so give them a visit.

Cotton Collective

Yet another photography agency with an extremely talented and professional team of photographers who are also very friendly and approachable. Any kind of photography from family portraits, wedding photos among others, they have you covered.

Ryan R Jones Photography

Ryan is very talented and friendly to work with. Those looking for portraits, or have photos for events such as weddings, he specializes in those and he is very good at it. Give him a try, when in the area.

Michael Ramos Photographer

Located in The Heights area, this is yet another top grade photography agency in Houston Texas. They offer professional photography services for weddings, portraits, advertisements, corporate among many more. They are more like a one-stop store for photography.

Juan Huerta Photography

Another excellent photography agency in Houston Texas with a reputation for great work especially when it comes to weddings. Juan is usually very busy, but he always takes time to give his customers the best advice possible while making sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Robyn Arouty Photography

This photography agency is known for a specific genre of photography, the one dealing with pets. This means that if you are looking to have a portrait taken of your pet, then give them a visit, as she is very good with pets and makes them feel comfortable enough to have photos taken.

Jason Talley Photography

They have different bases in terms of photography covered, from weddings, family portraits, intimate photos, photos for commercial purposes and advertisements among others. The prices are also quite fair so give them a visit when in the area.

Laura Sponaugle Photography

Located in the West University area, this photography agency, and Laura in particular, is known for their professionalism and honesty especially where prices are concerned. There are no hidden fees, and the atmosphere here is so relaxing and accommodating making one feel very relaxed when having photos taken.

Sweet Me Photography

The photographers here are very skilled and patient with clients. As they say genius cannot be rushed, and they take the necessary time for the best possible outcome. Booking is also quite easy and they are available for any questions clients may have.

Khanh Nguyen Photography

Khanh is very professional with an excellent work ethic that ensures he always works as hard as he can to give you the results you are looking for. Whether it is wedding photos to portraits among others, the quality of his work is beyond reproach.

Sharon Nicole Photography

Attention to detail is one of Sharon’s strong suit, a trait that ensures her work is of very high level of quality. She does a wide variety of session from wedding photos, corporate, portraits and much more so give her agency a visit.

Scott Kelley Photography

This agency is known for their speed, with queries being responded to in a timely manner. Photos once taken are also availed as soon as processing is done, a process that is not stretched out. Add to this the professional yet friendly nature of Scott, then you have another top notch agency.

Evoke Photography & Video

Another great photography agency in Houston with a reputation of doing all they can to accommodate their customers. from wedding photos, photos for advertisements among others, they have you covered so give them a visit.

Danny Nguyen Photography

Specializing in event photography as well as session photography, this agency is another great option for those in Houston. Whether you have a wedding or just want a portrait taken, then pop in and check them out.


They specialize in event photography and their photographers always show up on time at the events and are very skilled so you won’t have to worry about them missing any special moments that need capturing while in your event.

Photos by Rovo

Roswitha Vogler, the photographer here, is well known in the Houston area for her professionalism and her excellent work. When it comes to event photography especially weddings, she is one you really need to consider.

Sally Vee Photography

Another great photography agency in Houston, with Sally being very good with people, which means that in an event, she is able to create a rapport with people there and hence get the best photos possible. She also has photos ready very quickly, a matter of days which is another major selling point.

Heights Boudoir Photography Studio

Another excellent photography agency for those looking for boudoir photos. Jan, the photographer, is very warm and disarming which helps with the nerves and ensures the photos come out very well. The makeup artistes are also very talented making them yet another great option.

When looking for photography agencies in Houston, then look no further than Tony Guo and as well as as they are definitely the best in the area. The other agencies also provide great alternatives for the same.