Top 20 Personal Trainers in Houston Texas

Top 20 Personal Trainers in Houston Texas

In the search for better health and fitness, people all over the world have been turning to personal trainers as they offer much more personalized services which in turn translates to a better guarantee of success. This is the same for folks everywhere including Houston, and this article will look to shine the spotlight on 20 of the best personal trainers in Houston Texas.

This has a team of highly qualified and professional personal trainers that are like a dog with a bone when it comes to your fitness. This means that they will work for you until you see the results you are looking for.

Washington Gym

Located in Sixth Ward, the physical trainers here are highly respected due to how their methods yield results for whoever steps in to this gym. It is definitely worth checking out when in the area.

Brice Remaley – Personal Trainer

Located along the Southwest Freeway, Brice is a dream personal trainer if there ever was one. He definitely knows his stuff with his methods and programs bearing results almost from the get-go.

Mekanix Calisthenics Gym

This establishment is located in the Montrose area of Houston, with their personal trainers offering guided classes all through the week, aimed to challenge you with the aim of boosting your fitness.

The personal trainers here offer some of the best training around as they work with very small groups to ensure that clients get the attention they deserve for the best results.

Houston Personal Trainer

Located in West University, along Law Street is Jalesa, a gem of a personal trainer. She is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and very friendly and fun to work with.

illuminate Fitness

Located in the Memorial area of Houston, all their clients are unanimous about the fact that their methods yield results. Their personal trainers are very approachable and personable and all round great to work with.


Also located in Montrose, it is in fact The gym mainly because the personal trainers really know what they are doing. The location is also great and the ambience and environment of the whole place is excellent to work in.

They have been in the fitness field in Houston for years and it shows in the quality of work their personal trainers do for their clients. They are a team you definitely have to seek out and work with.

Mandy Trichell – Mod Your Body Fitness

Mandy is one of the best personal trainers in town and with her blend of nutritional programs, intense workouts and care and love for her clients, it is easy to see why. One definitely worth checking out.

Above the Bar Fitness

The personal trainers here are masters of their craft and they definitely know what they are doing. Their programs and workouts are very personal and hence effective and that is why they are very popular.

Boost Pilates River Oaks

The approach here is the use of Pilates as a technique when it comes to fitness and the trainers here are so good at it that they will have your body well-toned in no time at all.

They have a team of personal trainers that make use of some of the latest technology and methods to achieve the best results for their clients. They also do house calls for those looking for a more personal touch.

Impact Fitness

Located in Montrose, there is nothing not to like about this establishment as it combines a clean well organized space, knowledgeable and nice personal trainers with a great location for an must-have experience.

Bombshell Bootcamp

This is located in Fourth Ward and for those looking for boot camps then this is what you have been looking for. The personal trainers really care and they are very thorough for the best results. Definitely worth checking out when in the area.

Ellen Fitness

Ellen is located in The Heights area and she comes very highly recommended. She is great for women who are looking for some prenatal fitness work as she is highly skilled and experienced here.

The personal trainers have with them a number of programs depending on the personal condition and preference of their clients that are very effective and efficient. Definitely worth checking out.

Life Fit Gym

They are located in the South Belt/Ellington area of Houston and the personal trainers are not only highly knowledgeable but also enjoy what they do which is always a bonus.

Houston MuscleHeadz Gym

Located in Third Ward, the space is very spacious and there is even an outdoor area and that is before we talk about the personal trainers, who are very good at what they do. It is one you definitely have to check out.

Kinitro Fitness

Located in Chinatown, this is one place you have to check out as you will find personal trainers that know their stuff as well as being very nice making them very easy to work with. The whole working out environment is excellent.

It is our hope that with the use of the above information, you will be able to find the right fit for you as far as personal trainers go and will get the results you are seeking, good luck.

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