Top 20 matchmakers in Houston Texas

Top 20 matchmakers in Houston Texas

Relationships are hard to start let alone build to a setting where a couple gets to enjoy the beauty and happiness of the union. This is where matchmakers come in to not only find you a date but to also coach you on how to start, maintain and grow a relationship. With that, here are the top 20 matchmakers in Houston, Texas.

Matchmaking done right is the best pathway to getting a soulmate that will compliment and share in your life’s journey. This is the agency revered in Houston for handling matchmaking with top notch success rates.

Discreet Matchmaking

It is not just about finding someone to go out on a date with, it is about finding that perfect match that will speak to your emotional side and this is what this matchmaking platform is there for.

Finding a matchmaker that will work with you to identify what your desires are and how they can be satisfied is often a hard task but with this platform, you can rest assured that your needs will be handled seamlessly. 

Mr. Right

In Houston, no agency does matchmaking better than Mr. Right and the success rates in terms of the successful relationships is testament to the matchmaking ability that the agency has.

Most matchmaking sites just match partners for the sake of a date but with this platform, you can be sure that varied considerations will be made. This is what is sure to direct your path towards a successful relationship.

LUXE Matchmaking Dating Service

When you are looking to date, it is simple logic that you need someone that will compliment you and help you grow as a person and this is what is promised by this agency.

There are no limits to the number of people out there looking for dates but finding that person that will speak to what you need and fit like a glove is the challenge that many face. At this agency, your desires and preferences are taken into account to give you a perfect match that will ultimately be your foil.

Elite Matchmaking

Just as the name suggests, this is an agency that has taken matchmaking to elite levels with a professional approach that seeks to give you the chance to sample happiness with a suitable partner.

Getting you the date you deserve is the role that this agency plays. It is a platform that surely looks to ensure you get happiness while you date that person that is a perfect fit for you.

The Houston Heart Hunter

The beauty with this matchmaking platform is that a continuous approach is used to give you the perfect setting where you find the best fit for your love life and thereby get the best out of life concurrently.

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

Building happy and healthy relationships has been the mantra for this agency and it is little wonder why the professionals experience a high success rate with every date they set. 

Rose Matchmaking

Finding a great match by yourself is a demanding task as you will have to bun through a number of dates before you settle on one that is close to what you need. With Rose Matchmaking service, you can be sure that your preferences will be captured and a match found for you so that you don’t have to go through the rigorous process by yourself.

I Love Latins 

Whether it is your first time or you are getting ready to dip into the dating field again, the matchmakers at this agency are the ultimate experts that will find you the best match.

SpeedHouston Dating

Matchmaking is difficult and it needs a keen eye with key considerations in place for the process to be successful. At this agency, you can be sure every aspect will be captured seamlessly to give you a flawless date.

Lasting Connections Elite Matchmaking

Be it private or group coaching on how to get your match, this is the agency you need by your side. You can be sure the process will be simplified and made to fit in with your ideas and inclinations. 

Matches By Design

The best way to start and establish fulfilling relationships is to find the best matchmaker that will capture what you are about and in turn find you a match. Matches By Design therefore stands as the platform to take advantage of when in that situation.

Midtown Matchmaker

It is not enough to just know what you want in a person, it is crucial that you identify the compatibility settings and whether the two of you will make it work and this is where Midtown Matchmaker comes into play.

Ultra Relationships

In order to get a partner that will compliment you and bring you the happiness you need, you need to be incubated in an environment that will allow you to drive your engagement setting and this is where Ultra Relationships comes alive.


At this agency you can be sure you will get the right coaching and the ultimate tips that will allow you to get your perfect match seamlessly to enable you enjoy the pleasures of having a partner that fits your bill.


If you are finding it hard to find a date or trace your perfect partner, it is time to trace one of the best matchmakers in Houston in the shape of MySecretAdmirerMe. This is a standout agency that has its focus in trying to build relationships and ensuring people are happy with the right partners by their side.

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