Top 20 Home Stagers in Houston Texas

Top 20 Home Stagers in Houston Texas

Home staging is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular among real estate agents all over the world. The goal here is to make the home that is being home staged as attractive as possible to as many prospective buyers as possible. This article will focus on Houston Texas and will look to highlight 20 of the best home stagers in town.

If you’re looking to have your home sold quickly, then look no further than the home staging skills of the team here. They are extremely professional and know their staff, definitely worth checking out.

Reveal Home Staging

They’ve been in the home staging business for a while now and therefore know what works and what doesn’t. This means they are able to use this experience to give their clients the best results possible.

Break A Leg Staging

The fact that they are also in the interior design business means they will be able to home stage your home and make it as attractive as possible and therefore get it sold as quickly and for the most money possible.

Memorial Staged Homes

They are located in the Energy Corridor area of Houston. They have this skill of bringing out the best in any home they work on which makes them sell for the highest amounts possible within the quickest times imaginable.

They have some of the best home stagers in town that have worked with real estate agents as well as individual home owners. Their results speak for themselves and are definitely worth working with.

Autumn Dunn Interiors

If you have had a house stay in the market longer than necessary without selling, then you should consider hiring them to stage it. They have a long history of success when it comes to getting houses to sell quickly and at great prices.

Houston Furniture Rentals and Sales

Again here the fact that they also deal in furniture sells and rentals means that they have that added advantage when it comes to home staging as they can use their furniture collection to make the houses they are staging look as attractive as possible. Definitely worth checking out.

Medina Designs

They are known as excellent interior designers but they are equally as good when it comes to home staging. They have excellent price points as well with discounts thrown in to sweeten the pot.

Yet another excellent choice when it comes to Home Stagers in Houston as they know exactly what to do to bring out the best in all houses due to their years of experience in this field.

Status Organized

They are highly successful in the home organization field which has made them highly successful as home stagers. They use their organizing skills to bring the best out of all houses they stage and as such get the best results possible for their clients.

Dwellings Home Staging

They are located in the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area of Houston. They have lots of good testimonials as far as home staging is concerned in the area and they are very affordable as well.

Redesign Etc Home Staging

They offer top notch home staging services and what makes them attractive is the fact that you don’t have to be there to supervise the process. This is excellent news especially for busy people and real estate agents.

Great home staging techniques from professional and hard-working staff and very affordable prices makes them worth every penny and definitely one you should check out.

Maison de Campagne

They are very good when it comes to home staging and even if your house doesn’t have accessories, they have you covered and will have it looking at its best, shift it in no time for as much as possible.


What makes them so successful is the fact that they not only have the talent and skill for home staging, they also have enough inventory to do the job as well which is very important. definitely worth working with.

Simply Staged

They have an eye for this sort of thing and will bring out the best in your house no doubt. They also know how to attract the best would-be buyers in the area for you and negotiating the best deals as well.

Highly skilled home stagers with the ability to minimize the drawbacks and not-so-flattering areas of your house while bringing out its best features. This has made them extremely successful and definitely worth working with.

Home Staging & Landscape Finishes

They are located in the Clear Lake area of Houston and they really know their stuff. They have the skillset to stage houses as quickly and effectively as possible and in the end selling them for as much as possible.

Let Sarah Stage It

She is known in home staging circles for her talent in making the houses she is home staging to look as good as possible. This skill has made her very successful making her one home stager you should definitely work with.

Home Staging Houston

Very well-known and respected in Houston as far as home staging is concerned. This is because of the quality of their work as well as their fair prices. They are also very easy to work with which is always a bonus.

It is our hope that with the use of this article you will be able to get top notch home staging services in a venture that we hope will be as successful and as profitable as possible for you.

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