Top 20 Health and Wellness Coaches in Houston Texas

Top 20 Health and Wellness Coaches in Houston Texas

With life expectancy having dropped drastically in recent times, health has become a big thing with people watching what they eat and looking to stay fit. This has led to the emergence of many experts in the field especially health and wellness coaches, with Houston being no exception. Finding the best ones can be tricky, but that is why this article should be extremely helpful as it will look to highlight 20 of the best in this particular field.

Here you will find a team of professionals armed with all of the latest trends and techniques and with years of experience behind them that will ensure your health is in the right hands.

Sherin Bual – Holistic Health Coach

You can find Sherin in the Montrose area of Houston and once you do, it will be the best choice you will ever make. She looks to incorporate Yoga into her methods and will have you living and feeling healthy in no time.

Brain Body Evolution

Located in West University, the life coach here, Kimberly is excellent at what she does. Her programs from detoxes to diets are extremely effective and if you follow them as prescribed you are bound to see results.

Better Body, Healthy You

The name of this establishment speaks for itself. They target those with weight issues and have programs in place for weight loss and all round healthy living. One you have to check out definitely.

They are a well-established name in this field with their health and wellness coaches being known for their results. Bottom line if you seek them out, you will be halfway on the road of healthy living.

Original Womb

They are located in the Old Spanish Trail/South Union area and are known for their natural and organic approach to healthy living and wellness. If this is your cup of tea, seek them out.

SO Nutrition

Stephanie, the health and wellness coach here is excellent to work with as she prides herself in dealing with her clients on a personal level. If you follow her advice and directions, she will improve your health no-end.

Healthy Stewards

Located in the Gulfton area, as their name suggests, if you follow their various programs they will steward you towards healthy living without doubt. They come very highly recommended.

one of the leading lights in this field and with a team of health and wellness coaches that are known to get the desirable results for their clients, it is easy to see why. Definitely worth working with.

Concierge Integrative Medicine of Houston

Located in the Bellaire area of Houston, they are known for the practice of holistic health coaching, a system that has led to excellent results to their clients. Yet another great option.

Ascent Fitness

They look to combine exercising with good nutrition for better health for their clients. The programs their health coaches have in place are extremely efficient and can be fun as well, especially when it comes to exercises.

Unique S Medical

Great healthy coaches who are extremely effective especially for those that have issues with weight. Their attitude is absolutely top class and are always looking to help and advice their clients.

The health and wellness coaches in the team here are at the sharp edge of modern technology, methods and trends in this field and make use of this to give their clients the results they are looking for.

Nutrition Hub

As their name suggests, they take the nutrition approach when it comes to health and wellness. Their programs when it comes to nutrition are spot on and the coaches are very easy and fun to work with.

Lavender House

The health and wellness coaches here make use of Reiki, an alternative approach to medicine, that really works especially when you take a look at the results where their clients are concerned.

Why Not Be Great

Yet another great option in Houston as far as health and wellness is concerned, with the coaches here leaning heavily in physical fitness when it comes to their programs.

You will not find a more approachable, personable and friendly team of health and wellness coaches than those here. They also do get results which makes them definitely worth checking out.

Coach Ryan Fitness

Coach Ryan is a well-known and respected trainer in Houston, and he integrates his fitness and training techniques in his health and wellness programs in a way that makes them very effective.

Integrative Peace Coaching

They combine life with health and wellness coaching for an extremely holistic approach that is very effective. The coaches work on a very personal level to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Charlotte Neal Fascia Therapy

Located in the Bellaire area of Houston, they offer excellent massage and massage therapy, but their health and wellness coaches are the real main attraction. Very easy to work with and very result-oriented, definitely worth checking out.

It is our hope as you strive for a much healthier lifestyle, the above health and wellness coaches and establishments will come in handy and prove as helpful as they have to their clients all over Houston.

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