Top 15 Local SEO Agencies in the United States

Top 15 Local SEO Agencies in the United States

Top 15 Local SEO Agencies in the United States

It is imperative for small and midsized companies to ensure that consumers can quickly and easily find their businesses and products online. With so many local companies and competitors offering similar services and products, only companies that have optimized their content for the search engines will get the online visibility required. This is where SEO comes in.

Local businesses with a physical location need to appear in as many local directories as possible. This is where local SEO and local SEO agencies come into play. Local SEO agencies are agencies whose main focus is to help local businesses to establish themselves online and increase their visibility. So, what are some of the best local SEO agencies in the United States which are helping local businesses establish themselves online?

We’ve reviewed some of the best local SEO agencies in the United States and here is the list of the top 15 local SEO agencies in the United States;

Top 15 Local SEO Agencies in the United States


Based in Ohio, RevLocal has been helping local businesses to establish themselves online by offering affordable SEO and marketing services. Affordability, simplicity and delivering excellent results are some of the building blocks of the company and it has excelled in promoting local business.


This is an award winning local SEO agency based in New York City. Owned and run by a New York local, the company has grown to become one of the best in content optimization and marketing. The company is helping local companies in New York generate millions and you should let them make you millions as well.


Hailing from Utah, Boostability is a local up and coming SEO agency that has been creating ripples in the marketing scene of late. Although relatively new in the scene, Boostability has made a name for itself through its affordable SEO and Digital Marketing services that it is affording the locals of Utah.


A California owned and run SEO Company, Zoek has been on the forefront when it comes to promoting small local businesses. With more than 1500 active clients who hail from in and around California, ZOek is one of the best SEO agencies in the country and with its reputation growing by day, the clientbase will only grow.


Founded way back in 2004 when SEO was beginning to gain traction in the U.S, OuterBox is a local SEO agency based in Ohio and boasts of more than 200 active local clients. As a marketing agency, OuterBox boasts of affordable rates and quick effective results to attract local clients.


Originally a branding agency, Bruce Clay has grown to become one of the best SEO agencies in the U.S. Started way back in 1996, Bruce Clay had its first offices in Simi Valley, California but it has spread its business wings all across the country.

Higher Visibility 

One of the earliest SEO agencies to hail from Tennessee, HigherVisibility is literally helping businesses to improve their online visibility through creative marketing campaigns and SEO services. Their services are excellent and are affordable.


Owned and run by Tony Guo who is among the top digital marketers in the country, Guttulus is based in Texas but has plans of expanding to other parts of the country. Guttulus boasts of excellent results, affordable rates and a very high client retention rate. If you are in Texas, Guttulus is definitely worth considering.


This Illinois local SEO agency made headlines when it promised to refund all its clients the money they had paid if they wouldn’t help them increase the traffic to their pages. Although this was seen as a marketing gimmick, it helped the agency to gain some clients to kickstart their business and because they delivered the wanted results, their numbers grew ever since.

Directive Consulting 

Although founded in 2013, Direct Consulting has grown to become one of the biggest agencies in California. This local SEO agency is a responsible for putting a lot of the local businesses on the map and are worth checking out.

Accelerated Freelance 

Washington is well known for promoting local businesses. A lot of the household brands in Washington, are all local and one marketing agency that is responsible for the growth of local businesses, is Accelerated Freelance. The local SEO agency focuses not just on SEO but specializes in digital branding and content marketing.

SoVi Digital

Local business owners in Florida are thankful for the existence of SoVi Digital. The digital marketing agency specializes in local SEO and content marketing and has been on the front foot in promoting local businesses at an affordable rate.


With close to 200 returning clients as at the end of 2016, Innvio is undoubtedly the best local SEO agency in Florida. Their affordable rates and personalized approach when it comes to coming up with marketing campaigns for various brands makes them a favorite among the locals.

VJG Interactive 

With arguably the largest budget of all the reviewed local SEO agencies, VJG serves more than 600 businesses both within New Jersey and other parts surrounding the state. Their quality services come at an affordable rate and you are guaranteed to get positive results almost always.