Top 15 Social Media Marketing Agencies in the United States

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the United States

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the United States

Without proper content creation and marketing, there is no way that a business can establish itself online. This is why businesses and brands are looking to great content marketers to help them create good content and market it to the relevant audience.

If your company is looking to hire the best content marketing agency in the US, then we’ve reviewed the top 15 content marketing agencies in the United States to help you choose the best agency for your next marketing campaign.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in the U.S 


The masterminds behind Flipbook, Uberflip majors in creating custom content which is memorable and relatable. Although they are relatively new in the content creation sphere, they have carved a niche for themselves and are quickly becoming a favorite among content consumers in the United States.


This online software is more of a central hub for companies to automate their messaging, editing and approving of content. Users can share content which is stored on the software and it has revolutionized the way people create, share and market content.


One of the earliest content marketing companies in the US, Opal aims at creating and marketing content which is relevant and which consumers can identify with. Opal works with various brands to create relevant content which is incorporated in marketing campaigns to boost the marketing campaign.


This software helps companies and start-ups to create interactive content and tailor-make it to suit their consumers. With special tools like calculators, personality assessments and surveys made available for users, SnapApp is changing the way people are creating and marketing their content online.


This a complete content creation, management and marketing company which offers content solutions to companies. Captora will create personalized content for companies and using their analytical tools, they will market the created content to the relevant consumers.


If you are looking to create and market interactive videos, then BrightCove is the agency to hire. Brightcove focuses on video marketing and has special tools to help publishers and digital marketers to create more interactive content that will generate leads.


Canva is the image version of Brigtcove and it is designed to help marketers to create beautiful designs and infographics which are appealing to consumers. With Canva, creating appealing content is easy and incorporating documents is very easy.


Pressly offers content solutions to companies that don’t have in-house content creation and marketing teams. Through its only software, Pressly has centralized content creation, distribution and marketing to the relevant audiences.

Influence & Co 

Focusing on corporate firms and large businesses, Influence & Co has specialized in providing thought leadership and knowledge extraction from content marketing. Basically, they empower companies to focus on the type of message their marketing campaigns are sending out and this has earned them thousands of clients in the United States.


Contently is one of the few content marketing companies in the US that constantly churns out quality and relatable content all year round. Contently helps brands to easily create interactive content, market it and track the impact of the content on their businesses.


Created through crowd-funding and endless fundraisers, NewsCred has grown to become one of the best content creation and marketing agencies in the United States. Today, NewsCred has more than 200 permanent staff members and is responsible for the creation and marketing of various brands’ content in the country.


Initially, Scripted was started to offer freelance writing services to small companies and market the content to the relevant consumers. Today, it has expanded its services and offers copy editing and relies on more than 100,000 freelance writers to create and market content for the clients that outsource for the content on the platform.


Just like Scripted, Skyword focuses on streamlining the entire process of content creating and marketing. Through its unique platform, Skyword automates every single step from creating interactive content to sharing it to the various platforms and even has a feature to let users to track the performance of the content.


Whereas creating great content is imperative, without proper marketing and influencing, the content will not have much impact in terms of traffic to a website. Tapinfluence is the company which offers marketing and influencing solutions to brands and companies and help maximize the impact of the content created.


Although not a content creation agency per se, Guttulus is a SEO agency in Texas which helps brands and companies in America to create search engine optimized content for easier marketing. Run by one of the best digital marketers in the country, it will only take a matter of time before Guttulus occupies the top stop in content creation and marketing.


So good and successful is buzzfeed in content creation and marketing that 3 in every 10 Americans reads an article from Buzzfeed atleast once a week. These are very impressive numbers considering the number of other marketing agencies in the country.