Top 13 PPC Companies in 2018

Top 13 PPC Companies in 2018

Top 13 PPC Companies in 2018

Marketing your company through PPC advertising plays a significant role in boosting your sales if done correctly. A good PPC company should advise you on how to change your website to suit the ad campaigns and decide how long the ad should run. Fortunately, PPC Hire has compiled the list below to help you find some of the best PPC Companies that have been approved, and generate desired results for their clients. In case you are seeking a marketing agency, here are some of the companies you should consider.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite boasts of being the best PPC company in the USA, and presents a remarkable portfolio with clients such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Inc., and other companies. With a promise of 64% conversion rates, 106% increased traffic through targeted social media campaigns, and a 250% increase in revenue, Ignite Visibility is a company worth seeking.

Directive Consulting

This is a B2B Marketing Agency that promises to increase your organic traffic by 135%, reduce the cost per acquisition by 35%, and increase your inbound lead volume by 84% in only six months. Directive Consulting is also a Google and Bing Ads certified company, and works with several networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, AdRoll, and Linked In, to implement their six-step detailed strategy.

VJG Interactive

For the best PPC marketing campaign, consult VJG Interactive. The company sets up, and optimizes the PPC ads, to maximize returns at the lowest costs possible. With keyword research, landing page upgrades, and tracking, you are assured of staying ahead of your competitors.

Customer Magnetism

“Small, But Mighty,” Customer Magnetism uses this tagline to spread its digital storytelling capabilities to all its clients. This company promises to work together with you during the process to ensure that you meet your goals and personalize your brand to your specifications.

Disruptive Advertising

According to Disruptive Advertising, 76% of Facebook and Google budgets are wasted, and they provide a solution. With a 32-point audit on their site, this company promises to help you identify what is working and what is not working. You can also look forward to conversion rates above 50% within six months for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Crush My Market

This is a reputable growth company strategizes in helping thriving local and regional to mid-market e-commerce businesses with significant growth. With a promise of helping your sales skyrocket, Crush Market implements their strategies to boost your online presence, boost leads, and improve customer acquisition.


This is a Dallas based marketing agency that consists of a team of experienced web designers and digital marketers. The company has partnered with Google, Bing, and Yext, and has an experienced paid media advertising team that manages your budget based on the ROI and your business growth. With AXZM, you are assured of lowering your spending and increase conversions while staying ahead of the competition.


With a pure focus on PPC advertising, JumpFly is the perfect agency for anyone looking to hire such as a company. The agency has also partnered with Linked In, Amazon, Facebook Advertising, Bing Ads, Google Ad Words, Instagram, Yahoo, and Pinterest. JumpFly was founded in 1998, and you are therefore assured of years of experience, and an understanding of existing and upcoming PPC advertising trends.


Runner specializes in B2B marketing, healthcare marketing, and non-profit marketing. This company has skill in Pay Per Click advertising, and several marketing strategies such as inbound marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, and web design. Runner is ideal for growth stage companies and promises to increase traffic and conversions for your business.


The Thrive team promises to work as part of your company, to help you boost sales. This is web design and digital marketing agency with qualified and experienced members that ensure each coin you spend is put to good use. The team has expertise in creating campaigns in Google, Bing and Social Media platforms. With promises of a comprehensive keyword search, ad creation and landing page upgrades, Thrive is a company worth consulting.

Click Ready Marketing

This is a customer- driven company based in Atlanta with appropriate tools to help your business with PPC advertising, and still maintain a proper relationship. Click Ready Marketing focuses on driving qualified leads to your website, build laser-focused campaigns, track records and connect with more customers. Each PPC campaign is geared towards generating the highest ROI at the best price possible.

Florida SEO Hub

Each of the marketing strategies is designed to meet the client’s expectations and market conditions. With Florida SEO Hub, your account gets daily monitoring, with a constant review of bid prices to maximize ROI and minimize costs.

AMI Creative Studio

This award-winning digital marketing company offers over ten years of experience and successful PPC advertising campaigns for clients. With qualified members to create strategies that suit your business, traffic to your site will increase, and the expected conversion rates will also rise.