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Top 10 Ways To Challenge Your Brain Using SEO

 Top 10 Ways To Challenge Your Brain Using SEO 

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Search Engine Optimization is simply the process website developers use to help search engines find, index and rank their website pages aiming at their competitors as explained by RunRex. Majority of internet search is done via Google. However, there are other search engines you can rank such as Yahoo or Bing. Therefore, most SEO tips are subjected towards being ranked and noticed by Google. How do you challenge your brain using SEO?

Develop Quality Content

People are always looking for quality and resourceful content. Quality content, therefore, attracts more and more visitors to your web page. That may be a hard on task for any website developer. Creating quality content requires in-depth research on various topics linked to the subject with resourceful facts that can be depended on. In the process, one is challenged to dig deeper into books, other web pages and even raw data from persons to come up with rigid quality content.

Finding Your Niche

You will not necessarily rank highly for every possible keyword. You will always have a tough time covering the SEO spectrum if the firm has a wide range of services and products. Therefore, one is advised to find a niche within a field you are most passionate about and one that sets you apart from the pack. Here’s the trick. Writing in-depth content gives a weightier perspective compared to writing short and general blogs. Therefore it calls for concentration on one topic while providing wide opinions of the same from a deep point of view.

Getting The Technical Fundamentals Right

While delivering quality content is the most important factor in search rankings, technical practices ensure that your search engine is friendly for any visitor on your page. Diving deep into making your web page technically friendly will help challenge your brain in various ways. The more you practice, the more you get to become a prowess. Some of these issues include ensuring your site is free of 404 errors, using 301 redirects when deleting pages, creating sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. All these technical terms require research when self-teaching yourself or in-depth classes if being taught by an expert.

Optimizing Each Page

While it sounds like a lot of work to handle, there is no shortcut to a developing a successful website. It is important to make sure that each page that you want to rank is optimized for search. The targeted keyword should be in the title, headers and final content should be included. Since your target is human beings and not robots, the structure should friendly to navigate. If you are unsure about the formats and structures, you could research or approach an expert for help.


Optimizing and monitoring your website for search is not an exercise where you set and forget about the process. It entails on frequent follow-ups, considerations and even changes. Fortunately, some tools can help you in the process but will require your effort especially in making timely decisions. Your brain may need to jog around before ascertaining and resting on the best move to improve your SEO. Such tools include Hub spot and Act-on.

Keep New Content Flowing

By publishing new and exciting content multiple times a week if not on a daily basis, helps get your mind on an ever research mode. This helps you learn a lot in the process while sharpening your research, writing and publishing skills. You are what you feed your mind. Eventually, you will find heavy and easy tasks that will both contribute to the sharpening of your mind and skills.

Studying Your Web Analytics 

Despite one’s SEO expertise, there is need to incorporate software that can help you track what’s working and what’s not. Google analytics or Google search console are examples of software that will help you track your success. However, individual brilliance and effort will help you study the patterns, statistics, analyze and choose a strategy on how to improve or move forward.

Take Random Quizzes 

You already feel like you are good enough to develop content for your website? Perhaps taking a test will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you improve the weaknesses. Its all part of the puzzle where you need to find the missing pieces that deter your expertise while giving you challenges to solve.

Searching For Unique Meta Descriptions

Search engines are built to detect and reject duplicate meta descriptions. Investing your time and effort into finding unique meta descriptions will turn up as a great challenge for your brain.

Building Momentum With Social Signals

Social media has gradually become an integral part of SEO strategy. Search signals have also become equally important hence you have to focus on improving yours. Various case studies have proven the impact of social shares, tweets, likes and pins in search engine rankings.

All practices mentioned above require effort to make it a success eventually sharpening the mind.