Top 10 Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right YouTube Ad Format

Top 10 Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right YouTube Ad Format

As far as digital marketing goes, there is no denying the power of video, as compared to other media such as text. It is more compelling and engaging with the ability to grasp and keep the attention of users for longer. And when it comes to video, there is no bigger platform out there than YouTube, which is second only to Google as far as search engines go. With close to 2 billion active monthly users, the numbers pretty much support this claim. As with most other social platforms, YouTube, and its algorithm, does undergo constant change, with Google releasing new updates almost in a monthly basis. For marketers, staying on top of these updates is imperative, especially if one is to land on an ad format that will be successful in relation to the latest YouTube update. You may already be aware that there are some six ad formats one can choose from as far as YouTube goes, with Trueview In-Stream Ads, Non-Skippable Ads, Trueview Discovery Ads and Bumper Ads being the most commonly used. It is just as important to know which ad format is the right fit for you as it is to know the important information on all of them. That is where this article comes in as it will look to highlight 10 tips on how to choose the right YouTube ad format for you.

If reach is what you are looking for, then the YouTube ad format that is best for you to choose are Trueview in-stream ads. They are Skippable ads which means after a given period, five seconds in this case, viewers can choose to skip them if they so wish. However, that time is usually enough to increase one’s reach as per the numbers out there and as such they are definitely worth considering when looking to increase the reach of your brand.

Another tip we have for you is that if you are looking to drive traffic to your website, then the ad format you should go for is Trueview for Action, as is covered in detail over at The bidding utilized here is fully automated, with the focus of this ad format being to drive website conversions. It is a great ad format to use to bring down CPA or maximize conversions as far as your website is concerned.

If you are looking to drive leads, then the tip we have for you as far as which YouTube ad format is right for you, is that you should look to go with Trueview for Action as well. By making use of a tailored call for action which can be placed inside a branded banner in your ad, you will be able to generate leads using this CTA. Its relatively short viewing time, which is 10 seconds, also makes it a great format when only looking to generate leads.

If your aim is to generate brand consideration, then you should consider going for the Trueview Discovery YouTube ad format, as per the subject matter experts over at This is because when a viewer clicks on these ads, they will be taken to your YouTube channel from where they can be able to watch your associated video. By watching this video, they will able to know more about your brand hence why it is great if you are looking to generate brand consideration.

When it comes to generating product or brand awareness, then the YouTube ad format you should go for are the non-skippable ads. Given that they can either appear before the video begins to roll, in the middle or at the end of the video, they are great for grabbing the attention of the viewer and since one can’t skip them, are great for generating brand awareness. Given they have a higher CPM compared to other YouTube ad formats, they are usually recommended for larger advertisers and companies with the resources and willingness to spend said resources.

If your goal is aimed towards message reinforcement, then our tip here is that when looking for the right YouTube ad format for you, look no further than Bumper ads. Given that, as is covered in detail over at, they are the shortest of all video ads, running for only six seconds, and the fact that they are non-skippable, makes them perfect to use for reinforcing a message that was communicated by another longer Trueview ad. They should be all about grabbing the viewer’s attention and making effective use of the little time you have.

Another tip that we have for you is that you should always consider pre-roll video ads if your main aim is to drive site conversions or grow your subscriber list. This is due to the fact that one is charged per click, meaning that you will only incur charges when your link on the ad is clicked and not when it is viewed, which is why they are great for site conversions.

Those looking to target those searching for content on YouTube, then the right YouTube ad format for them are YouTube discovery ads. As is covered over at, these are ads that on YouTube search and as such by using them ,you get to target those on the search tab searching for content.

Other than the above considerations, all focusing on what one is looking to achieve, the next tip as far as choosing the right YouTube ad for you has to do with the cost and risk implications. If you have cost restraints, then it is advisable to go with Trueview ads while those with no such worries can go for non-skippable ads.

Non-skippable ads are also preferred over Trueview ads if you are looking to target a specific audience as ad targeting is the key to being successful with this ad format given viewers won’t be able to skip your ad.

Form the above discussion, there are a number of YouTube ads, and as such choosing the right fit for you is key to your success. It is therefore our hope that this article will help you in making that choice, with more on the same to be found over at