Top 10 tips how to target the user at the right time

Top 10 tips how to target the user at the right time

Targeting the customer at the right time is a factor of Right time marketing and platforms like have been categorical when it comes to understanding the perfect time to approach the target audience. Targeting the user at the right time is the only way to boost customer acquisition and also capture client retention on a larger scale. In order to target the user at the right time, you must have the capacity to understand the target audience and this can only be achieved through providing customer engagement and experience on an advanced level. It is imperative that you target a user at the right time to ensure you not only propel sales but also build customer loyalty in the same wavelength. 

Understand customer characteristics

When looking to target a user at the right time, the fist tip to consider is defining your target audience. You simply have to find out who your ideal user is as this will inform your next step. According to, understanding customer characteristics will enable you know the behaviors and therefore understand what your ideal user is tuned to go for and which period in time they will need the particular products or service. 

Channel preferences

Once you have identified the customer characteristics, you have to go ahead to find out the channel preferences. The channel preferences are very important as they tell you where your ideal user is bound to go looking for the specific product or service you are offering. With this information, identifies that you will be well equipped to know the right place for Ads. Using AI, you can effectively identify channel preferences and thereby adjust your marketing accordingly. 

Utilize In-market purchase signals

Most marketers don’t pay attention to In-market purchase signals which is quite unfortunate since this is one metric that can effectively guide you on targeting a user at the right time. In-market signals tell you the inclination of a user and the elements that trigger a response from them when they are looking to make a purchase. This information is crucial since with it, you can target a user at the right time when they are making the decision to purchase and thereby ride the wave and get conversions. 

Get the right person

In order to target a user at the right time, you have to identify your ideal person so that you can make the necessary moves at the right time. Identifying the right person involves a combination of processes from utilizing prospect data to using third party demographics to capture customer inclinations and preferences. According to, this is usually enough for you to create a profile that will come in handy when settling on the right user. 

Identify the right channel

The idea here is to use a multi-channel approach since consumers move from device to device when doing researches and purchases. Users have been identified to utilize an average of eight channels according to and this means you have to provide top class customer experience in order to then identify the right channel that will ensure you target the user at the right time. 

Identify what users want and expect from you

In order for you to target a user at the right time, you have to first identify what the user wants and expects from you. You can only do this when you differentiate yourself from your brand and thereby see your brand from the perspective of a user. With this angle, you will be able to identify what users expect from you and how you can deliver on the same seamlessly and at the right time. 

Provide the right answer

Most marketing gurus including have gone on record as advocating for a designed setting where you are the answer to what a user wants and needs. You can only market to a user at the right time if you provide the right answer as and when they need the same. Understand the behavior of a consumer is the priority as this is what will give you the capacity to provide the right answer that meets the expectations that a consumer has.

Capture retargeting

One of the best ways to target a user according to is to focus on retargeting. The goal is to be there when they need to buy something which will ultimately compel them to buy and thus go through the conversion funnel. 

Take note of Recency

This is the most recent time period in which a target user was on your site. The idea with this is to find the optimal Recency period and target that user which is an aspect that will not only strengthen customer loyalty but also allow you to find out the right time to target the user. It is also the right way to reduce churn and enhance revenue rates in the same wavelength.    

Develop marketing messages based on user values

User values are what will ultimately ensure you are able to target users at the right time. is categorical in noting that you have to be proactive in developing the marketing messages that will give the perception that you are there when a user needs to find something. You have to speak to what users value.

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