Top 10 Tips: How to Enhance User Experience with Landing Page Improvements

Top 10 Tips: How to Enhance User Experience with Landing Page Improvements

The importance of user experience as far as websites and mobile apps go cannot be stressed highly enough. It goes without saying that a bad user experience will mean that visitors will leave as soon as they arrive on your site and are unlikely to want to return again. The matter of user experience takes on even more importance when it concerns your landing page. This is because the whole of your online advertising campaign is designed to lead your prospective consumers to your landing page from where you will hope to convert them. You don’t want a situation where the conversion funnel goes smoothly, from a very engaging and well-done ad, only for all your efforts to come unstuck on your landing page and a poor experience to be exact. What you want is for consumers to have a very good user experience when on your landing page so as to ensure that your conversion rates are not affected by use experience. With this in mind, there are a number of tweaks and improvements one can do to ensure that user experience when it comes to their landing page is excellent. To help with that, this article will look to highlight 10 tips as far as these improvements are concerned, with the hope that it will help you improve conversions as a result.

One of the very first improvement you should look to make to your landing page, one that will help you enhance user experience is by ensuring that you simplify it. A simplified landing page will focus your visitors on the call to action, which is the main objective of funneling someone to your landing page. You don’t have to have many things on your landing page, especially above the fold as you want the visitor to be focused on the call to actions. A clustered landing page translates to poor user experience and one is likely to leave without clicking on the CTA.

Another improvement you can make to your landing page that could enhance user experience is making use of color contrast techniques. As is covered in detail over at, this makes for the best landing pages with excellent user experience for visitors as not only are they visually appealing, the clarity in terms of finding crucial information is also enhanced.

You should also consider keeping the important information on your landing page above the fold, which is the point at which the user has to scroll if they need to get more information. This allows the user to get all the important information they are looking for right off the bat. The opposite of this is likely to see the user leave due to the poor user experience that comes with it. This is an improvement that is very much worth making.

Another improvement you can make in order to enhance the user experience for your landing page is simplifying your CTA buttons. As per the gurus over at, you should ensure your CTA buttons are straightforward and that they are not confusing to the visitor as such CTA buttons greatly reduce the user experience as the visitors may feel that they are being played.

If you haven’t done so already, another improvement as far as your landing page is concerned, one that will definitely enhance user experience, is ensuring that you add contact information on it. This can be an email address, phone number, a contact form among others, through which visitors can be able to reach you. This brings some sort of comfort to visitors, greatly boosting the user experience of your landing page.

Speaking of interactions, another improvement that you should make is adding a live chat feature onto your landing page. These chatbots, as per the subject matter experts over at, are a great way to interact with visitors in real time, 24/7 and thus will greatly enhance user experience.

One of the things that greatly affects user experience is page speed and as such another improvement you need to make as far as far as your landing page goes is to try and optimize page speed. There are a lot of things one can do to increase their page speeds such as compressing one’s images before loading them onto your landing page among others.

Yet another change you should consider making to your landing page if you are looking to enhance user experience is ensuring that you highlight key information with bullet points. This, as per the subject matter experts over at, enables visitors to quickly get all the key information about your brand or product such as key features, benefits and so much more greatly enhancing user experience.

If you are looking to enhance user experience as far as your landing page is concerned, you should also ensure you don’t have any 404 errors, or “page not found” errors. Check the links and images on your landing page and ensure you don’t have this error as it is one that if there, will lower user experience and greatly affect your conversion rates.

You should also ensure that your landing page is responsive and mobile friendly if you are to enhance user experience. If your landing page is not responsive enough and hence not easy to navigate or if it is not mobile friendly, the user experience will be greatly affected.

The above are some of the tips to keep in mind when looking to make improvements on your landing page to enhance user experience, with more on this topic and so much more to be found over at the ever reliable