Top 10 reasons to major in Mechanical Engineering

Top 10 reasons to major in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is regarded as one of the widest disciplines you can pursue and having it as a major enhances your chances of career advancement even further. Every mechanical invention can be traced back to a mechanical engineer from cars, planes, bikes and other machinery. According to, mechanical engineering is all about the creative drive in making work easier through the use of appropriate machinery. In further evaluation, here are top 10 reasons to major in mechanical engineering.

Varied career options

With a major in mechanical engineering, your career options are expansive ranging from defense, healthcare, transport, finance, manufacturing to designing and building. With more experience, you can actually venture into the maintenance of machinery and systems and also play a role in consulting. According to these varied career options are the major selling point for this discipline.

Great starting salaries

A look through the highest paying careers will ultimately see you find mechanical engineering as part of the top 50. A great starting salary is what you can expect with this discipline and an added advantage is that it is a highly valued career in society. Starting salary may be in the region of $55,000 and can easily rise to an average of $87,000. Professionals in this field get good value for their skill and technical ability which is what you need in your career.

Room for growth

The industry is expansive and the beauty is that you will always be tested to grow. As captured by, the room for growth is huge and you will always be challenged to find solutions to technical challenges using skill and resource. The fact is you will never be bored as this is the broadest branch of engineering and the career options are open.   

Be part of creating the future

Most emerging technologies are thought, designed and developed by mechanical engineers. When you adopt this discipline as your major, you can rest assured that you will shape the future through a significant input to emerging technologies. The goal of all mechanical engineers is to design new solutions to the daily problems from bringing lower emission engines to clean energy and mobile tech.

Always keep learning

The beauty with mechanical engineering as a major is that you will always stay on the learning curve. As duly captured by, taking mechanical engineering will afford you the chance to learn how to design and make things straight from the simplest to the most complex for instance; a safety pin to a complex spacecraft. What’s more? You get to develop a range of skills as you work with massive machines straight down to the precision equipment and Nano elements. 

Valued output

The most outstanding element to note about mechanical engineers is that their work is never understated. The importance of your work will always be given significant importance and recognition and this is mainly because the survival of any industry is hinged on the brilliance of mechanical engineers. is categorical in expounding on this by detailing how mechanical engineering forms the backbone of modern life from the designing of machines that manufacture, develop and process cars, buses, trucks, ships and planes. An important element to note is that global opportunities are available and your impact serves as your greatest achievement.    

Be the core of modern evolving force

As a mechanical engineer, has explained that you will surely get to work with the brightest and arguably the best minds available. The significant advantage that mechanical engineers have is that they can work with professionals from technical fields and at the same time learn and excel with the experts. You get to interact with business leaders and engage with experts from varied backgrounds to realize flexible global innovations.

Seamless graduate prospects

It is common knowledge that the graduate job market is tough and brutal, but the mechanical engineering field allows you to apply fundamental mathematics and physics laws to the core aspects of daily life. A fact that agrees with about mechanical engineering is that getting professional level employment is seamlessly due to the seamless graduate prospects and the demand that is already available. 

Be multi-skilled

As a discipline that requires one to be rounded, a mechanical engineer is a jack-of-all-trades. From computer applications to software, structures, physics and mathematics; taking a major in mechanical engineering will provide you with the technical discipline that brings a deeper understanding of elements to ensure you are multi-skilled. 

Presence of skills gap

There is a huge gap in skills and it is this gap that mechanical engineers are required to fill according to US needs to recruit in excess of 2.6 million people with engineering skills between 2018 and 2025 and the surprising thing is that the current recruitment is yet to exceed the 250,000 mark which means there is a major skills gap.


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