Top 10 Reasons to Major in Civil Engineering

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Civil Engineering

As is discussed in great detail on another platform on, the field of engineering is a vast one with many sub-fields in it. One of these sub-fields is civil engineering which is one that deals with the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of physically and naturally built structures as roads, bridges, canals, airports, railways and so much more, discussed in greater detail on this field, despite the fact that it is a sub-field is itself broken down into other sub-fields with more on it including its history is found in great detail on Given how important a filed this is, majoring in civil engineering is usually tough as it should be. It is however worth it given how rewarding and life as a civil engineer is and this article will look to highlight ten reasons why one should definitely look to major in civil engineering.

One of the main reasons to major in civil engineering is the fact that once you graduate you will be extremely industry versatile and flexible. This is because the skills provided by civil engineers can be applied in many different fields such in the energy field like on oil rigs, on the environment like pollution remediation systems and infrastructural structures like bridges as well as many more that are discussed on

Many experts agree, including those on, that job insecurity is one of the major pains in the job market right now. Civil engineers are however some of the most job secure individuals right now, another reason why you should definitely major in civil engineering. This is because of their importance both to the government and the private sector in the many sectors where their skills are needed.

According to most recent statistics on salaries, including those on, civil engineers are some of the best paid professionals out there. This is true even for entry level civil engineers with only an undergraduate degree making this yet another valid reason to major in civil engineering, and with an average annual salary of $82,000 it sounds like a very valid reason to me.

Another reason to major in civil engineering is that so that you can give back to the society, something which can be very rewarding. This is because civil engineers are usually called into action during emergencies such as when structures collapse and during natural disasters. Majoring in civil engineering allows you to serve your community through both the good and hard times.

Creativity and the ability to think out of the box is one thing employers value so much, experts including those at all agree. This is yet another reason to major in civil engineering as through the unique projects and challenges you will go through you will improve massively in your out of the box thinking capabilities as well as creativity-wise.

Another reason to major in civil engineering is the fact that it is extremely field-oriented, when you are both in school and after when you will be employed. While in school you will have a chance to visit various projects constantly breaking the monotony of class while in employment you will constantly be out of the office, with there being a perfect mix between office and field work making this line of work extremely attractive.

One of the main things associated with civil engineering, which is always brought up on discussion boards on on the same, and another reason you might want to consider majoring in it is for its prestige in the community. This may sound like such a vain reason but it is one we can’t ignore as most professionals were attracted to it due to its importance and prestige in society when they were younger.

Another reason to major in civil engineering is the fact that it equips you with multiple skills that should come in handy down the road as well as making you extremely attractive to employers. This has a lot to do with the practical nature of learning that it involves which gives graduates a wide range of practical skills that should prove useful in a wide range of fields.

Most people shy away from civil engineering as both the studying and the working part seem quite complex and difficult. This is however yet another reason you should major in civil engineering as its challenging and complex nature make it extremely fun, with there being no dull moment in this field. All the specializations that are involved like environmental, structural, geotechnical and many more, all which are discussed in great detail on make this field quite engaging and a fun one to be in.

Everyone wants to leave a mark in the world when all is said and done, and this is yet another reason why you should major in civil engineering. This is because that as a civil engineer you will have a chance not only to leave a mark, but a very visible one for that matter. You can be able to point with great pride to structures that you were involved in building, from bridges, wind mills, roads, railways and so much more and add your legacy to those of the great civil engineers that built famous structures such as the great wall of china and many more.

The above reasons really end up making majoring in civil engineering a no-brainer really if you have the qualifications, and with drive and commitment there is no reason why you shouldn’t realize your dreams.

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