Top 10 Reasons to Major in Biomedical Engineering

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Biomedical Engineering

With the technical advances that have been achieved over the years there arose a need to try and bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. This was so that those in the field of medicine could enjoy the benefits of technological advancements brought about by those in the engineering field. This is where biomedical engineering came in. It is basically the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for reasons to do with healthcare. Over the years it has managed to separate itself from other engineering fields and emerged as a field of study in its own right with this article aiming to highlight 10 reasons why you should go ahead and major in biomedical engineering.

One of the main reasons why you should decide to major in biomedical engineering is the fact that there is great demand for the skills provided by a biomedical engineer. They are in great demand as the industry is in need of quick innovations in medical technologies. This includes 3-D printing, manufacture of cochlear implants and even manufacture of artificial hearts, with more on this and other advancements to be found on With the need of technology in the medical field never being greater, their demand is sure to rise even more.

Majoring in biomedical engineering also has the advantage that there are a lot of industries and fields where one can be placed after graduating and it is not just restricted to a select few. Some of these fields include in hospitals, education institutions, research facilities, manufacturing among many more as discussed on This versatility makes majoring in it worth it.

As is clearly put on, there are a lot of sub-disciplines available to those majoring in biomedical engineering providing a lot of options for specialization purposes. These sub-disciplines include biophysics, biomechatronics, bionics and so much more.

Another reason why you should major in biomedical engineering is that there are many research opportunities available to students. You get the chance to literally break new ground when coming up with medical imaging devices, engineering hearts etcetera with your professors which is pretty cool. You can visit to find out more about this research opportunities and which institutions are offering them.

Majoring in biomedical engineering is also worth it as it is a great backup for medical school. Most students use it as a springboard towards medical school and it serves this purpose well as it not only provides technical knowledge it also preps students for the intense workload as well as time management required to get through med school.

Another reason why you definitely should major in biomedical engineering is the fact that as a student it will give you multifunctional skills so much so that you end up being a Jack of all trades. This is because you will take classes on mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering as well as computer science. The experts on agree that the fact that you will gain all these skills is part of the reason why as a biomedical engineer, you will be so in demand.

Majoring in biomedical engineering will also help boost your analytical skills no end. This is a result of students having to analyze and understand the requirements and needs of different patients and then consequently come up with and design appropriate solutions. As has been discussed on another platform on, having great analytical skills makes one very attractive to employers and majoring in biomedical engineering will provide you with this in spades.

Given that you will be mostly breaking new ground, majoring in biomedical engineering is a great way to make you a better out of the box thinker. You will be required to think creatively and come up with mostly novel ideas never seen before in solving patient problems in the medical field. This means that you will be mostly thinking outside the norm and beyond convention in coming up with these advanced medical equipment and devices, examples of which are discussed on, which helps massively with creativity and outside the box thinking.

The core of biomedical engineering, at the very heart of it, is basically solving problems, complex ones at that, in the biological and medical fields. Therefore, majoring in biomedical engineering should improve your problem-solving skills exponentially. This is because you will find out that the solutions you come up with, since they concern humans, may trigger side-effects and it will be up to you to not only identify these problems, but to solve them as well.

The last reason we are going to look at as far as majoring in biomedical engineering is concerned is that it is one of the highest paying vocations out there right now. According to official statistics, which can be accessed on, the average salary for a biomedical engineer is between $80,000 to $90,000 dollars per with the top earners earning well over the $100,000 mark. This alone should make you want to major in biomedical engineering.

The above reasons should help in making majoring for biomedical engineering as attractive as possible for you and with dedication and commitment, hopefully, you will be able to get through it and go on to live your dreams.

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