Top 10 reasons to major in Aerospace Engineering

Top 10 reasons to major in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a discipline that is making waves mainly owing to its futuristic inclination and its capacity to inspire innovation and creative expression as far as explorations are concerned. As explained on, Aerospace engineering covers the designing, development, manufacture and testing of aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. With the continued fascination about space and the life forms that can be found there, it is little wonder as to why Aerospace engineering has gained such popularity. In this, we look at the top 10 reasons you should major in Aerospace engineering.   

Huge career opportunities

A major point that should inform your decision to major in Aerospace engineering should be the huge career opportunities. When evaluating the career trajectories, major fields come to mind including dedicated jobs in aircrafts, research labs, guided missiles technologies and federal government agencies. Major openings have manifested in space vehicle industries and this is just a pointer of the available career opportunities.

Be part of revolutionary research

Renowned platforms including have been categorical in noting that Aerospace engineering has transformed the world by allowing individuals to be part of revolutionary research. With research teams exploring space and life on other planets and the varied avenues to explore other forms of existence, majoring in Aerospace engineering will surely give you the chance to be part of the research teams. Universities are major players and you can become part of the same seamlessly. There are plenty of funded research programs available including several at NASA and this present a chance to be part of revolutionary research.

Lucrative salaries

According to NACE, the average starting salary for a graduate is $72,990 but this can rise to $90,170 with some indicative level of experience. What’s more? has gone on record indicating that by mid-career, you can be earning in excess of $113,030 which is a lucrative salary.

Renowned recruitment options

After graduation, the focus is always on the recruitment opportunities and the openings that you can have. Taking a major in Aerospace engineering can give you the chance to be recruited by Flight Safety International, Boeing, Goodrich, Ball Aerospace, Raytheon, Bell Helicopter, FAA, US Armed Forces and SpaceX among other renowned companies in the Aerospace field.   

Join in Aero exploration

Be it exploring space or being a part of the advancements in air flight control and safety, being a part of Aero exploration is a huge achievement as it cements your career capacity. It has been reported by that aerospace engineering graduates are leaders in creating innovative technologies which ranks as a huge achievement.

Major collaborations with like minds

One of the significant career achievements rests with collaborating with brilliant minds. Having a major in Aerospace engineering offers you the chance to collaborate with like minds in the form of petroleum engineers to find sustainable and efficient fuel sources that drive aerospace technology. In further scrutiny, reports that getting that major can ensure you diverse your graduate studies to applied mathematics, electrical engineering and materials science among others.

Huge demand and job opportunities

One of the huge determinants when it comes to settling on a college major is the demand available and the job opportunities that abound. With aerospace engineering, the job openings are in excess of 69,600, and the outlook for the growth of job opportunities stands at an average of 12% according to which makes for a favorable industry to be a part of.

It is a futuristic discipline

Exploration of avionics and materials science is futuristic in the sense that these are the elements of the coming century. In a sharp contrast, most other disciplines and theoretical formulations are based on the findings that will be developed by the aerospace engineers which means it is a field that is futuristic and a determinant of how other disciplines fare. 

Inspire humanity

Few disciplines have been able to impact humanity the way Aerospace engineering has and this is a fact that has been widely explored by major platforms including Technological advancements are being done in a bid to propel aeronautics to the next level and equipment like calculators to non-stick pans were developed to aid in space flight and exploration which means the development of other industries is inspired by aerospace engineering. 

Huge investments and funding

The scope of projects in aerospace engineering is huge as reported by Huge investments are being done with more people interested in aerodynamics and how they can be part of the exploration. This means opportunities for research and development are huge and that projects are unlimited. By doing a major in Aerospace engineering, you place your chances higher in the aspect of being a part of idea formulation and development including innovation. With aerospace engineering encouraging innovation and exploration, the funding and support is music to the ears of professionals looking to make inroads within the industry. 

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