Top 10 majors to go to college for

Top 10 majors to go to college for

Majors always drive our passion and shape your career in terms of what you will be able to maximize. As captured by which is one of the renowned career platforms, settling on the best major is the first step towards your future and it should thus be taken with utmost consideration. When going to college, the major considerations you have to make include what your passion is and the career opportunities you need to master when you are done with college.

Applied Mathematics

This is one of the standout majors you can go for in college as noted by This is the major you should go for if you relish using mathematical models to solve everyday problems to come up with solutions to the challenges that face people and industries. Among the subjects and areas of study you will be required to master include calculus, statistics and linear algebra which will open your doors to work in the finance, insurance and technology firms seamlessly. The median salary for a professional that has a major in Applied Mathematics averages at $85,000. 

Computer engineering

It has been documented by that computer engineering is a discipline that deals with the design and development of computer components including chips, memory sticks, processors, routers and circuit boards. The role of computer engineers is sometimes mistaken and misunderstood but the clear distinction is often found in the simple explanation that computer engineering mainly handles the hardware aspect of computers. The beauty of having this as your major is that the salary range is at a respectable average of $86,500.   

Mathematics and computer science

If you are fascinated by how distinct systems work and how you can understand and contribute towards their development, then Mathematics and computer science should be the major you pursue. Majoring in this field will allow you to understand operating systems and applications including the software behind operations. Learners are exposed to data structures, discrete mathematics and system architecture which are huge experience areas that define the roles of administrators, programmers and analysts. Median pay for a graduate of Mathematics and computer science is $87,000. 

Electrical engineering

Since everything is being digitalized, recons that electrical engineering is bound to become a major discipline of the future. The goal of this field is to design and maintain electrical systems where learners are educated on electrodynamics, circuit systems and signal processing. The starting salary is $60,000 but your mid-career earnings will see you pocket in excess of $94,000. 


The world as we know it is fascinated with research and how the human element fits into the same and this is why Pharmacy as a discipline is taking center-stage. Learners are taught how to develop and test drugs and major areas of study include biology, chemistry and toxicology. Graduates get to work in research, manufacturing and sales and ca take home a median salary of $113,000. 

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

This is the major that is sure to drive the world forward according to Aerospace and aeronautical engineering deals with designing planes, rockets, satellites and what you get to learn is airframe design, flight mechanics while having a clear bias on structural analyses. The median salary is $113,030 and experience in the field will ultimately see you explore propulsion systems and aerodynamic performances.

Mechanical engineering

This is a diverse brand of engineering as captured by and is mainly concerned with the development and building of machines and devices. From cars to turbines, sensors and compressors; graduates get to have unlimited experience which allows entry into industries including biotechnology, automotive and aerospace. The median pay is in the region of $87,000.

Petroleum Engineering

This is a discipline that handles safe and efficient ways of extracting underground reserves of natural gas and oil. It encompasses other sections including fluid mechanics and geology. Petroleum engineering will forever remain in demand and its median starting package of $95,000 is testament to that fact.

Civil Engineering

As reported by, civil engineering is a field that deals with the infrastructure in our immediate physical environment. Think of roads, bridges, office complexes, airports and dams; they are all products of civil engineers. The median salary for a civil engineer averages at $83,000 but the remuneration packages depend on several factors with the top being experience. 

Biomedical Engineering

If you are fascinated with Math and would love to apply the same in the medical field, Biomedical engineering is your major to pursue. Media starting salary is $54,000 and this is projected to grow by 85% by the time you reach mid-career which means salary in your mid-career should be in the region of $98,000. The projected growth in future jobs is at 61.7% according to, which makes this discipline one of the best majors you can opt for. 

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