Top 10 Cosplay Store Houston: How to Buy Cosplay in Houston

Top 10 Cosplay Store Houston: How to Buy Cosplay in Houston

Cosplay is basically the act of dressing up as a certain popular character especially an anime, video game, manga, Korean pop character, among others. The name “cosplay” is basically the shortened version of costume play, with cosplayers being the folks that engage in cosplay. Cosplaying is fun and exciting, especially given the creative freedom afforded to cosplayers and it is therefore no surprise that the cosplaying scene has been thriving and expanding over the last couple of years. It is something that has expanded to different areas around the world, with Houston not being one to be left behind. The cosplaying scene in Houston is vibrant and thriving, with an ever growing list of cosplayers. This has seen the mushrooming of lots of cosplay stores, with the issue now being finding the best stores in town. This article will therefore come in handy as it will highlight 10 of the best cosplay stores in Houston.

This store was one of the pioneer cosplay stores in Houston, and with the trust it has gained over the years among the cosplaying community in the area, it has gone from strength to strength. It has a wide range of costumes to choose from, all of them being of the absolute highest quality. However, even though the quality of costumes is high, their prices are very affordable which is why they are so popular among cosplayers in Houston and definitely why you should check them out.

As soon as you step into this store you are greeted with well stocked isles upon isles of cosplay costumes which means that you are unlikely to find that whatever costume you are looking for is missing. To help you navigate these isles is a group of highly knowledgeable staff who are also very friendly and welcoming, which makes shopping in this store an absolute joy and an experience that is definitely worth having when in Houston.

The beauty of this store is that if you are looking to dress up as a certain character, you will find that they have each and every piece that constitutes their entire costume. This is very important, any cosplayer will tell you, as it means that instead of going from one store to the next trying to put together a particular costume, you can do all this in this one store. This is without mentioning their great customer services as well as their great price points.

They are known for their very warm and welcoming staff, who are very knowledgeable when it comes to cosplay and thus are usually of great help when it comes to picking up the costumes you are looking for as well as helping in putting together elaborate costumes. Added to excellent customer service is the fact that they have great prices for their costumes which makes them very popular among cosplayers in Houston, making them definitely worth checking out.

Another excellent cosplay store in Houston, which when you consider that they have one of the most impressive inventories as far as cosplay costumes are concerned, it is no wonder they are so popular. Even with such an extensive inventory, they absolutely do not compromise on quality, with the quality of their costumes being very high making this yet another cosplay store in Houston you have to go check out.

Another staple in the cosplay arena in Houston and one whose reputation precedes it. They are known for having some of the highest quality cosplay costumes as well as having an inventory that will have you in awe when you step into this store. Fantastic customer service is yet another feather in its cap, and it is yet another cosplay store worth checking out.

Dragon’s Lair

This store has an impressive name, and it more than lives up to it. They have a wide range of cosplay costumes, and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff to help in picking out what you may be looking for. The prices are also very competitive, so much so that you will want to come back time and again making this yet another great option as far as cosplay stores in Houston are concerned.

Shop in Wonderland

This is definitely wonderland for any cosplayer in Houston. This is because, they not only have a wide range of cosplay costumes to choose from, they are all available in all sizes to ensure that there is something for everyone. The prices are also very pocket friendly, almost as friendly as the staff which is why this store is so popular.

Mari Ari Hair

They carry a wide range of cosplay costumes, but they are popular for head items, we are talking wigs among other head paraphernalia of your favorite character. If this is what you are looking for, then this is definitely the store for you.

Arne’s Warehouse & Party House

They carry all sorts of cosplay items, which means that you will most definitely find whatever costume you are looking for here. They are also very fair as far as pieces go and this coupled with their great customer service, it is no wonder they are so popular among cosplayer in Houston.

How do you then buy cosplay in Houston? Well, the simple answer is by shopping at these 10 excellent cosplay stores.