Top 10 Antique Store Houston: How to Buy Antiques in Houston

Top 10 Antique Store Houston: How to Buy Antiques in Houston

There can be no denying the allure of antique items, as they come in handy in a varying number of scenarios. From party props and decorations all the way to home décor, and many others in between, antique items can decorate and make anything look better. When you go to visit someone’s home, or business premise, if they have an antique item or two, you will surely notice as they usually stand out in all the right ways. However, for those looking for antique items, you will find that, given the many shapes and sizes they take, finding those that appeal to you, and by extension a shop that carries them is not always easy. In Houston for instance, there are a number of antique stores, but how do you know which are the best ones for you to go antique shopping in? well, you are in luck as this article will look to highlight the top 10 as far as antique stores in Houston is concerned.

This is one of the very best stores as far as antique items are concerned in Houston and it is no surprise that it is also one of the most popular antique stores to shop at in the area. The reason for this is due to the fact the owner has a long standing passion for antique items and as such has a deep understanding of this particular field. What this means is that, the quality of the items here is very expensive, with the inventory also being quite extensive. This means you are unlikely to find that what you are looking for is not in stock, making this store one of the very best in Houston, and definitely worth checking out.

This is yet another great antique store in Houston, and yet another one that is quite popular among the antiquing community in this neck of the woods. The staff here are well informed and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to matters antiques and as such they are the perfect sounding board to help you get what it is exactly you are looking for. They are also very welcoming and friendly, and the whole store has a homey feel that makes shopping here quite the experience.

As with the above establishments, this is yet another impressive and extremely popular antique store as far as Houston is concerned. The first thing that hits you when you enter this antique store are the mountains and mountains of antique items neatly arranged on their massive shelves. This means there is something for everybody as far as antique items go, in this store. The items are also very well arranged, making it easy to track down what one may be looking for, with the prices being one of the most competitive around. This is yet another store that is definitely worth checking out as far as antique stores in Houston are concerned.

You can’t go wrong if you are looking for an antique store in Houston if you decide to check this particular store out. This is because it not only has an impressive inventory, with all sorts of antique items to be found here, but their prices are also so pocket friendly, it beggars belief really. This is because, given the quality of the items here, one would expect that they would be on the expensive side, the fact that they are not just makes this store definitely worth checking out.

What is not to like about this gem of an antique store, that is located in Houston. The staff are very highly knowledgeable and extremely welcoming and friendly, providing some of the best customer services around. The items are also of the highest quality, at very competitive prices; this is a store that you definitely have to check out if you are looking for an antique store in Houston.

When coming up with a list of ten of the best antique stores in Houston, you can’t fail to mention this great store. It reputation precedes it, as it is well known for its well-stocked shelves, high quality items, excellent customer service as well as very competitive prices. It is yet another antique store in Houston that is worth checking out.

August Antiques

This particular antique store is located in The Heights area of Houston and has a reputation as being one of the very best around town. If you are looking for antique lights then this is the place for you since, while they stock a wide range of antique items, they are well popular due to their antique lights and lamps.

Old Blue House Antiques

For folks in Montrose, Houston that are looking for a great antique store then look no further than this excellent antique store. They are particularly famous for their antique glasses, and Pyrex in particular, therefore if that is what you are looking for then you know where to head to.

Caught my Fancy

They have one of the most extensive inventory of antique items in town, and they seemingly excel when it comes to all sorts of antique items. The staff here is also very friendly and knowledgeable which makes this establishment one of the very best places to shop as far as antique items are concerned and definitely worth checking out.

The Wilde Collection

Located in The Heights area of Houston, this store is for those people who are in need of taxidermy antiquities. The prices are very competitive and their items are of the very highest quality, making this yet another antique store that is worthy of checking out when in Houston.

The above are 10 of the best as far as antique stores are concerned in Houston, and you should definitely check them out when in the area and in need of such items.