Tiger Woods 10 Marketing Lessons We can Learn

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods will forever be regarded as one of the greatest golf players in the history of the game. Hailing from an average family, Tiger Wood’s career teed off in the early 2000s and he birdied his way to the very top before injuries and other scandals hit the superstar and threatened to decapitate the superstar.

From winning literally every trophy there is to be won in golf, earning millions of dollars to almost falling back to the green grass, there are very many marketing do’s and don’ts that we can draw from the career of Tiger Woods. Here is a look at the marketing lessons we can learn from Tiger Woods;

10 Marketing Lessons we can learn from Tiger Woods

Monetize talent as much as possible

Although the sport was bound to make him rich, Tiger Woods maximized on his talents and created a brand that stretched way beyond golf. He used his talent to reach a massive audience and make himself a very hot property for endorsements.

Take advantage of all the audience for as long as it lasts

As time goes by, new stars are made, crises can affect one’s career and a lot can go wrong. It is therefore advisable for the people in position to use their current reach and marketing appeal as much as they can because their appeal can evaporate in seconds. Tiger Woods career took a nosedive in a flash and had it not been for the endorsements he had taken advantage of earlier on in life, he would have truly suffered.

Endorse as many brands as you can

While he was still a hot property, Tiger worked with numerous brands and earned endorsements worth millions. As long as you have the audience and the appeal, you should not hesitate to work with as many brands as possible because this will not only increase your audience but will earn you lots of money.

Private life should be left as private as possible

One of the things that almost brought Tiger Woods to his knees, is the leaking of details of his private life. As it turns out, Tiger Woods had affairs with multiple women and this affected his career and marriage. This is a lesson that if mixed with business, private life can easily bring down one’s career and mean the end of their prosperity.

PR can save face

Although there was a hiccup in Tiger’s career, positive PR and marketing by his team, helped him save face and retain some important endorsements. PR can mean the difference between a successful career and a disastrous one- it all depends on how and who conducts the PR.

Social media

Over the years as Mr. Woods’ career grew, so did his social media numbers and interaction with fans. He is very active on the various social media pages and constantly engages with his fans. These interactions with his fans not only help promote his business but add a personal touch to his brand.

Brand goals 

Tiger Woods was a very specific man in terms of the brands that he was willing to work with. He particularly preferred working with brands with huge goals and a successful past because he didn’t want to tarnish his prospering career by working with struggling brands. Equally, business should have goals and choose the type of people that they intend to work with.

Learning lessons from failures

Nothing came on a silver platter for Tiger. Talented as he is, he has failed multiple times in his life and he has learnt from those failures without letting them put him down. Injuries and the numerous case courts that threatened to bring his career down did not deter him from making a comeback and continuing to play the sport he loves the most.

Working with the best in marketing and business management

Talented and wealthy as he is, without his marketing and PR team, Wood wouldn’t be where he is today. Although he is the image of the brand, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes done by a team of unknown marketing experts who plot his marketing campaigns and plot PR gimmicks meant to save face in cases of scandals like the ones that hit Woods.

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