The SEO checklist for Ecommerce websites

The SEO checklist for Ecommerce websites   

SEO being a key driver of organic traffic to your Ecommerce website, it is imperative that you get to understand the intricacies of what should be done to streamline the optimization process. Authoritative SEO experts at have openly declared the need for an SEO audit which is what reveals what you need to do as far as restructuring your site is concerned. An SEO audit lets you discover and examine your site to figure out where you stand and how you can better the experience and expected outcomes. This is the only way to make smarter choices that will inform strategy that governs overall site performance. After an SEO audit, you get to set new goals and objectives including having SEO meta titles and descriptions added to the obvious step of structuring your URL to be optimized for search engines. 

Overview of SEO for Ecommerce websites 

The key behind handling SEO for ecommerce websites is learning what users want and understanding your angle in terms of meeting the prospective clients at their points of need. The idea is to identify and focus on what your target audience needs, understand what they want and gravitate towards the same with content that draws them in. this has to be followed with a keen interest in listening to feedback and opinion. Here, you can review posts, utilize social media platforms and check comments from visitors including questions that have been forwarded. 

The best way to handle SEO for ecommerce websites is to target market business analysis. According to, this is where you will be required to perform web analysis, competitive analysis, keyword nomination and respond to voice search changes in search behavior.

SEO Checklist for Ecommerce sites

Create SEO optimized landing pages 

This is the core element in SEO for ecommerce sites, an SEO-optimized landing page is sure to improve lead generation and consequently impact sales positively. A more optimized landing page means more incoming search traffic and this is where you get to provide useful informative content with calls-to-action that capture the target audience. 

Ensure website is mobile-friendly

This is a no-brainer since you will need a mobile strategy in order to better handle your SEO strategy. You need a website that looks good and performs well on mobile devices. Google boosts organic search result rankings for websites that are mobile friendly so you need to respond to that in kind. 

Grow traffic with infographics 

As reported by, you ca easily grow traffic with infographics where you get to display complex information easily with comprehensible aspects. 65% of people in the world are visual which means you have to accommodate them in your SEO strategy for ecommerce websites. Quality visuals improve traffic by more than 193% and this is sure to grow your website ranking by a 12% margin. 

Post valuable content on social media

Some people still underestimate the power of social media but it should be known that posting valuable content on social media helps you especially if and when your domain authority and page authority are still lower. You get to gain credibility and traffic with social media posts and this builds trust with the target audience.  

Utilize SEO internal deep linking

Demonstrate your capacity and authority with internal deep linking. What SEO internal deep linking does is build relevance and enable you manage link flow. Deep linking is a roadmap around content topics since it is user-centered and the beauty is that you get to utilize keywords as anchor texts. 

Link to external sites with domain authority

SEO experts and the ecommerce professionals at point out that you will need to build an audience if you are to succeed in ecommerce. Linking to external sites that have domain authority is what can ensure you stablish trust, relevance and authority.  

Utilize competitor SEO keywords

One of the oldest yet effective SEO strategies for ecommerce websites, utilizing competitor keywords means you get to rank for the keywords as well. The key here is to do your keyword analysis and understand the baseline ranking assessment in order to take on the keywords that matter.  

Use AdWords copy in your open-page SEO

The advantage of using AdWords copy in your open-page SEO is the ultimate authority you get to build within the SERPs as optimization takes center-stage.  

Capture Branding

There is nothing as important as branding when it comes to SEO for ecommerce. Here, you have to ensure your brand is visible so that you have the capacity to build trust and promote business.  

Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles

This is a perfect strategy for local SEO since it will mean that the target audience gets to find you whenever they enter a search related to any of the keywords you have adopted. 

Regularly update old content

This goes to content optimization whereby you have to create page titles, create meta tags, place strategic search phrases on pages and content and as notes; develop sitemaps that aid your quest.  

Make use of Calls to action

You have to include compelling calls-to-action that will prompt the target audience to take the desired step when they visit your website. The calls-to-action have to meet the needs and expectation of the target audience. 

Include a Search option

An ecommerce website with more than 20 products must have a search option to make it easier for the target audience. A seamless experience always points to a successful optimization angle which is what you need with ecommerce websites.  

Structure About Us pages 

A mistake many make with ecommerce websites is lacking About Us pages which allow the target audience to know about the company and thereby build engagement and trust at the same time.  

Regular testing and measuring

The idea is to test and measure and this is where you need to analyze search engine rankings and web traffic. The idea is to evaluate individual keyword performance, test the results of changes and track the changes to ensure you know when to place an addition and or modification.     

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