How to be Successful with Facebook Ads

How to be Successful with Facebook Ads

Social media marketing is definitely here to stay as far as the experts over at are concerned. This is because the number of people on social media, with data gathered and analyzed on, revealing that there are billions of people visiting the various social media platforms daily. Of all these social media platforms, Facebook has the biggest market share which it really brings to bare when it comes to marketing with marketing budgets for Facebook rising by the day as is discussed on This makes it very important for businesses to be able to run successful Facebook ads. However, as with any other marketing campaign, running Facebook ads requires one to have t an idea of what they are doing or they run the risk of putting in money and not getting the return on their investment, ROI. This is where this article should come in handy as it will look to highlight some of the ways through which you can run successful Facebook ads.

The very first thing to keep in mind if your aim is to be successful with Facebook ads is ensuring that you have a clear, defined objective for your ads. As is covered clearly on, whether your eventual goal for your ad campaign is to get more sales, more followers, increase brand awareness and many others, Facebook has you covered with all this marketing objectives covered when you are in the infant stage of writing your Facebook ads. Make use of these objectives to ensure that you eventually get what you are looking for, and is discussed on, use sub-objectives that are available to you if need be, to ensure that in the end you are successful with Facebook ads. Given the over a billion daily users Facebook has, the right kind of targeting is important to ensure your ads are reaching the right audiences according to the folks over at There are many different targeting options available for you on Facebook, the trick being making sure you get the right kind of targeting that works for your business and that will ensure that you are successful with your Facebook ads.

As is discussed by the marketing experts over at, visual is king when it comes to marketing, whether images or video. This rings true for Facebook ads, which if you are to be successful with them, you have to ensure that your ads make use of stunning, attention-grabbing images. There are many examples of people just blanking ads with images that aren’t eye-catching, so ensure you have this part of your Facebook ads on lock. You should also be aware of some of the rules of engagements when it comes to images on ads for Facebook ads, all of which are discussed in detail on, like the one that dictates that images containing more than 20% may not be able to run as Facebook prefers their ads to have images with very little text if any at all, and unless you have been exempted by Facebook, your ad may not run. If you can, then it is even better if you use videos, a strategy for Facebook ads that comes highly recommended by the gurus over at This is so that you can take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature which is extremely effective in grabbing attention of users. It is however important to note that majority of Facebook users watch ads with the sound on mute so ensure your videos are more dependent on the visual side of things and not the audio.

One mistake people make, as per discussions on, is that they rightly focus on the images and/or video but wrongly ignore the ad copy itself. For you to be able to run successful Facebook ads, you have to ensure that you put the requisite time in when drafting your ad copy. According to the marketing experts over at, the mark of a good ad copy is the presence of an attention grabber, a sentence or phrase that adds value and a call to action. The attention grabber is crucial in sparking the user’s interest in your ad, to ensure that they don’t blank it and scroll past it. The phrase or sentence that follows should add value by clearly and eloquently explaining to the user what they stand to gain by clicking on your ad, with the call to action covering what you want the user to do ranging from downloading your app to clicking on your website among other options. The experts over at also recommend that you only make use of one call to action per ad to avoid confusing users. You have to be very clear of what you expect of them if you are to be successful with your Facebook ads.

Hopefully with the use of the above information, with more on the same and may other topics to be found on as well as and, you will be on your way to running successful Facebook ads.