Social media services

ALL business owners — dog groomers, dentists, dermatologists and beyond — have now received the word: in this day and age, social media expertise is an absolute must.

But this is particularly true for those in upscale creative disciplines like the arts, music, haute cuisine, and antiques. These fields thrive on a celebration of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, and there’s no avenue like social media to better celebrate (and profit from!) this authenticity and artfulness.

Enter myself: an experienced, College- educated, in-demand boutique social media strategist available to help your creative business brand-build and improve profits with the help of Periscope, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other major networks.

I emphasize the term strategist to distinguish my expertise from social media managers, whom you might have come across previously.

Social media management implies a relatively simple focus on minimal social duties (a few posts a week, 1-2 pictures here and there) with no adjustment toward your larger goals.

My personal expertise, boutique social media strategy, is much more personalized (bespoke, if you will) and “down to brass tacks” in its approach, in ways such as:

● reverse-engineering your immediate and long-term business goals as a true marketer
● utilizing social media as the relationship-building platform for your business’s prosperity
● wearing several hats and working closely with you to improve your bottom-line figures

I get you more than just “likes” and “followers.” I build lucrative long-term relationships that pay off handsomely for you. 🙂

I prefer to cater to as few clients as possible (no more than two at a time), in order to provide each client with the dynamic, hands-on, multidimensional approach that generates a significant revenue boost through social media.

If you’re running a business in a creative sector, I am more than capable to helping your business soar


Why all the hype about social media?

Because social media works!

If you’ve never used social media marketing for your business, today is a great day to get started.

Maybe you’ve created some profiles and uploaded a few pics of your product or services in the past with lackluster results.

Business owners are meant to build their businesses, not manage their online web presence.

If you would like to know more get in touch with me. I’ve been doing digital marketing and social media in the Seattle area for the past ten years.

Let me know how I can help you take your business to the next level.