Significance of python in data science

At the heart of data science are programming languages which are used to analyze the data obtained, perform data visualizations, select data, and other data analysis functions. One of the most commonly used programming languages in data science, is Python and today, Runrex wants to take a look at how python fares as a modern day data language.

Although most people argue that R, C++ and Java are the most important programming languages in data science, truth is that none of the aforementioned languages comes close to Python in terms of significance in data science.

Whereas R is bespoke in statistics, Python is more of a multipurpose programming language with a number of capabilities. Its ability to carry out a number of tasks make it a favorite among programmers.

Python has a large number of libraries which will help you to carry out a number of tasks in data science. These tasks include automation of the user graphic interface, handle multimedia data, handle databases and to process text data.

Significance of python in data science

So, why is python so significant in data science? What is the significance of the programming language in modern day data analysis? Here are some of the reasons why Python is still the most important programming language in data science:

Easy to use

Python is very easy to use on a day to day basis. It is pretty straight forward to learn and once you have grasped the basic concepts, advancing to fundamentals will be very simple. The syntaxes of python are also very relatable and don’t need to be commented out for you to understand them.

Python is very flexible

Flexibility is the other reason why a lot of people prefer Python to the other data science programming languages. It affords its users the convenience of solving as many problems as possible in the shortest possible time. If you make exhaustive use of Python, there are endless possibilities as to what you can achieve.

Python can easily be integrated with other programming languages

Unlike programming languages such as Java which are exclusive in their usage, Python can be used in conjunction with other programming languages with ease.

Python is very portable

The other reason why python is one of the greatest programming languages in data science, is the fact that it can be transferred from one programming platform to another without its intended purpose changing at all.

Better analytics tools are built from Python

Data science is very reliant on data analytics. Data analytic tools provide information that helps shed light on given data patterns, provide better insights into the data and correlate data from big datasets. The best programming language when it comes to creating analytical tools.

Python offers scalability

Python is highly scalable and faster when compared to the other programming languages in data science. It is therefore not surprising that most people prefer it to quickly develop applications which might need scaling in future.

Visualization and graphics

Python has very many data visualization libraries and features which are needed in data science. Data visualization and presentation is very important in data science as it helps scientists to easily pick up trends and also debug their codes. Things like graphical representations are easier and more interactive when using python as the programming language.

Python is also very crucial in deep learning

With its packages such as Tensorflow, Keras and Theano, Python provides data scientists with an opportunity to come up with better learning algorithms. This makes python about more than just analyzing data sets. It is used in understanding neural networks and building artificial intelligence systems.

Python has a huge base as well

The other fact that backs up the proficiency of Python as a data science programming language, is the fact that it has a very large community base. Even the most seasoned of data scientists use Python in their works and this speaks volumes about how good the language is.

Python is here to stay

Although relatively newer languages such as Scala are gaining traction in the data science world, Python remains to be the king of programming in matters data science. The fact that it has also not changed much over the years and is still relevant, speaks volumes about its abilities.


If you are looking to get into data science and are wondering if you should learn python, let this blog by Runrex be the assurance you need to start learning Python today. Python is the most important programming language and it should be among your first languages to learn if you want to make it in data science.

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