Shopping for legal services can be tricky, especially if you have had no exposure to legal practice. What we suggest is that you pick up your yellowpages or visit an online legal directory and call at least two or three attorneys or law firms in your area and ask for an estimate of what it might cost to handle your matter. You may not like what you hear, but at least you will be informed as to what the market rate is for your issue. This is important, because now you can make an educated decision knowing that if a particular provider is offering services at “too-good-to-be-true” rates — it probably is. Many unscrupulous providers offer services online independently or through marketplace networks, but many of these providers bear no responsibility to their clients because they lack the proper credentials as well as the necessary knowledge and acumen to handle the task. While we are proud that we can offer extremely favorable rates for our quality of service, there is no such thing as “cheap” legal services if you are hiring true professionals. So please beware of any such offers.

When shopping for legal services it is also important to not only understand your present requirements, but also to foresee your expected legal needs for both the short-term and long-term future. While unbundled services, such as what we offer our clients, can be extremely valuable to many businesses, some might be in a situation where they can really benefit by a full-service law firm that can offer highly specialized service across many legal practice areas. Of course, this kind of service comes at a great price. Consequently, our firm has many clients that come to us for many matters even though they have large full-service law firms on retainer. This is because we can deliver a quality product within our core competencies for a budget those other firms cannot. This results in considerable savings for our clients.

TrademarkAuthority has searched over 8,000 trademarks and successfully registered thousands of marks.

Personal and Worry-Free Legal Services — TrademarkAuthority takes pride in working directly with our clients to develop and implement winning strategies that avoid costly business mistakes.

TrademarkAuthority looks forward to assisting you in searching, registering and protecting your trademarks.

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Do you have an idea for a new product? Need help with the design?
You want to improve a product?
You want technical drawings for manufacturers with all the correct information to allow production?
You want to illustrate your idea for presentation purposes?

I can offer substantial experience in all of these and across varied industries. In essence I’m an ‘ideas man’, I can take your ideas, add my ideas and create the design you want.

Services include;
– 3d Prototype of your product
– Technical engineering drawings for manufacture
– Simplified line drawings for patent application
– Rendered imagery for marketing
– 3d Print ready formats
– FEA analysis of parts to get the most cost effective, efficient, lowest weight and ideal material choice for the product before material is touched.
– Design advice on all aspects from materials to manufacturing processes to standards. I have previously maged a design team that brought 9 complex products to market.
I have experience in most materials and processes; Sheet metal, weldment structures, molded plastics, formed plastics, aluminium, stainless steel, wood etc.

I am self-employed and my work is divided into the complementary components of CAD design & consultancy and product manufacture, primarily metal fabrication, giving me the understanding and experience across the design and manufacturing cycles. I understand the iterative nature of the design process and am highly motivated to solve design problems.

We create the greatest results in identity for brand logos, t-shirt logo/graphics, 360 virtual architectural digital visualization, novel cover custom-art, digital album images, custom infographics photo imagery, imaginative concept characters illustrations cartoon planned for use in developing movie and vfx concept visuals, tech package technical, patent draftings renders, powerpoint pitches art and design, beverage/labels design, color storyboards, comic board book drawings, sketch artist, painted portraits with color, drawn or painted, fashion clothing line sketchs deliverable available! and there is more where that came from!!