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So your website or App must stand out from the rest Our team will create a amazing design for any site or app, made with the webs latest software platforms to draw customers in Using the Internets finest tech and coding Be seen on google bing yahoo Search engine mobile apps eCommerce websites apps for apple android apps stunning graphics app and online store and more

Hey look, everyone on Craigslist is a web design or SEO expert. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Some of these people may know their stuff, but they’re also going to charge you a bunch of money. I won’t and I’ll give you the same — if not better — service.

How is that possible? I’m just a guy who happens to have a lot of experience in online marketing, web development, copywriting, etc. I work out of my home.

In other words, I don’t have overhead to deal with like all of the marketing firms you see on here with their “specials.” Let me clue you in. Those “specials” are a ripoff.

And they all seem to come with certain “guarantees” that frankly, make me laugh. You know who can tell you your site is going to be ranked at the top of the search rankings? Google. Bing. Not some tool sitting in an office in Sherman Oaks posting to Craigslist.

So why should you work with me? Easy.

I’ll provide you with the same services some web design, online marketing or SEO firm will, but I’ll do it much cheaper. I can typically do it for half the price, on average.

I also won’t try to cram you or your business into some sort of “package.” You know, the cookie-cutter deal that marketing firms give to all of their clients?

Every website is different. Every company is different. Some need more help than others. Each company has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their online presence.

I’ll analyze yours specifically, give you my recommendations and we can proceed from there with what you’re comfortable with.

If you own a website or blog, you probably need content.
If you haven’t updated your current website content to being
SEO friendly, you need to have it updated. Do you have a blog?
If you don’t have a blog, you need to have one. Do you have a
blog but haven’t added content often?

If you haven’t added new and ongoing content to your website or blog
or don’t have a blog, you need my help!

I will update your current web pages so they are SEO friendly
and if you don’t have a blog or have a blog that you don’t update,
I can add ongoing content to it.

The reason why you need to update your web pages to make them
SEO friendly is because that is how you can rank highly with the
search engines and keep yourself liked by the search engines.

If you are not adding content or haven’t updated your web pages and
your competitors have, they are probably getting all of your website
or blog traffic.

My rates are very affordable and I have written all sorts of content
in various industries.

When contacting me, be sure to include what industry your webiste/blog is
in and what you are looking for…

EXPERT – Content Writer – SEO

Do you want more website traffic?

When marketing online or looking to get more website traffic, it is very
important to keep adding new content to your website. This is what will
help your website organically rise in the search engines.

I can help you by writing your website content or articles whether for
content or for SEO purposes.

More traffic = More $$$
Affordable rates…