Selena Gomez 10 Marketing Lessons We can Learn

Ever since she broke onto the showbiz scene, Selena Gomez has grown to become a household name not just in America but the entire world. The naturally beautiful lass who once and still could be dating heartthrob Justin Bieber, is not only a good singer, sensational actress but above all, a maestro at marketing her brand.

Without her ability to build a brand from scratch, Selena Gomez would only be known for being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and perhaps her for her music. Thanks to the brand she has built over the years though, Selena has become one of the most popular and in demand pop artistes. So, how did she get to where she is today? What are some of the most important marketing lessons we can draw from Selena’s successful career?

10 Marketing Lessons we can learn from Selena Gomes

Social media engagement is key to modern day marketing success

Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram. Her Twitter and Facebook numbers are not too bad either. The reasons why millions of people love and interact with her on social media, is because Selena is open to engaging with her fans on her social media pages. This increases the trust between her and her fans and only solidifies her brand.

Personal feel to everything she does

In everything she does, Selena always wants people to see her as Selena the simple girl and not the multimillionaire celebrity. The fact that she prefers people to see the person behind the brand, increases the following and the trust of her followers.


Sometimes in marketing, you don’t need to portray yourself as swanky and flamboyant for people to love you. Humility is appealing to the masses especially when it is genuine and you are consistent is your acts of humility. Selena is a very down to earth person who makes frequent financial donations and is always there for her fans.

Great content

From good quality music to subtle yet attractive photos, all her content is really quality and it attracts massive traffic. One of her most liked photos on Instagram for example is her photo which is sponsored by Coca cola. Imagine the returns on that endorsement!

Relatable posts and brand story

No celebrity is as relatable and authentic as Selena Gomez is. Be it her social media presence or the kind of music she does, we can always relate to what Selena is about. She shares and talks a lot about authentic stuff which any average fan can relate with. This has helped her amass incredible numbers and take her brand to another level.

Use of social media to promote her products and endorsements

Selena takes advantage of her incredible social media numbers to earn a living and promote her upcoming projects and other endorsements. Before releasing an album, she posts information about the same on social media to get her fans excited and preordering. She also endorses various products and gets paid for it.

Consistent brand story

From a young age, Selena has always been a humble and soft-spoken individual who doesn’t care much about what people say about her. This is something that can be seen in all her works and embodies her as a brand. This consistency in her brand, helps create perfect marketing campaigns and a story that people can relate with.

Controversy should deter you from success

Selena Gomez has a knack of turning odds into her favor in controversial times. Be it a break or some controversy arising from a misinterpreted article, Selena knows how to use controversy to her advantage. She will release a track or even an album before the tongues stop wagging and she will be on everybody’s lips.

Generosity and giving back to the society

Selena gives back to her society a lot! She uses her platform to empower and elevate others and where possible, she dips fingers into her pockets to support charities. This is something that does a lot of good to her brand and makes people fall in love with her even more!

Working with the best in the business

Ever wondered why Selena’s social media pages are always meticulous and the content put out is always quality? Well, behind the scenes, is a team of professional marketers who help Selena build her brand by launching marketing campaigns at the right time and maintaining a positive image to the world.

As a business or brand, who are you working with?

Work with the best for the best results

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