Search*Engine*Optimization* local SEO

21 years experience of *web*design*, Local SEO and digital marketing, *wordpress website designer*.. CERTIFIED. I will build your website from beginning to end and/or finish any website that your current developer has creating. I do not walk out on projects.

In todays market, businesses large and small must have top placement in sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and a real presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter all while maintaining a great reputation online. We can help.

Whether your goal is to generate new business, build brand awareness or promote an idea, I work with my customers to control their entire online presence.

SEO Services for: *SEO? *Local? *Marketing? *Adwords? *PPC? *Facebook? *Google? *Bing? *Yahoo? *Search Engine Optimization? *Social Media? *Facebook Ads?

 10 Day Turnaround
 Your Own .COM & 1-Year Hosting Included In Price
 Complete WordPress Website, No Page Limit
 Need Updates & Website Changes? We Offer WordPress Basics Class (Fantastic 2-Hour Lesson Plan)
 Local SEO Package, Submit your Website/Business Address/Phone/Address to Yelp, Yext, FourSquare, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and 29 other online directories
 Custom Flyer Design (Perfect for Craigslist Ads)
We specialize in those individuals and businesses like ourselves that provide services in our community. What are we looking for? Quality Customers, Quality Services and Reasonable Rates!
Business Categories We Already Have Familiarity With
• Auto Sales, Auto Mechanics
• Home and Commercial Painting and Painters
• Realtors And Property Management
• Appliance, Computer, Smartphone, Electronics Repair Services
• Tiles Setter, Crown Molding, Carpet and Flooring
• Interior Design & Home Décor
• Flood Damage, Mold, Fire and Emergency Services
• Landscapers, Roofing, Tile, Plumbing and Carpet Cleaning
• Home and Commercial Security and Camera CCTV Services, DVRs
We Do Require Upfront Payment. Yes we securely accept cards using Square or Stripe, which can be done after viewing our invoice sent to your email address. Also, we can meet in person and in many cases prefer to do so.
Looking for a local, experienced, Google trained SEO expert with a flawless track record of producing results, then look no further I am your guy. Whether you are a local business looking for only local SEO, or if you want to reap the rewards of a nationwide presence on Google and bing I do it all. Give me a call now so I can show you what I can do 
Hey look, everyone on Craigslist is a web design or SEO expert. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Some of these people may know their stuff, but they’re also going to charge you a bunch of money. I won’t and I’ll give you better service. How is that possible? I’m just a guy who happens to have a lot of experience in online marketing, web development, copywriting, etc. I work out of my home. In other words, I don’t have overhead to deal with like all of the marketing firms you see on here with their “specials.” Let me clue you in. Those “specials” are a ripoff. And they all seem to come with certain “guarantees” that frankly, make me laugh. You know who can tell you your site is going to be ranked at the top of the search rankings? Google. Bing. Not some tool sitting in an office posting to Craigslist. So why should you work with me? Easy. I’ll provide you with the same services some web design, online marketing or SEO firm will, but I’ll do it much cheaper. I can typically do it for half the price, on average. I also won’t try to cram you or your business into some sort of “package.” You know, the cookie-cutter deal that marketing firms give to all of their clients? Every website is different. Every company is different. Some need more help than others. Each company has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their online presence. I’ll analyze yours specifically, give you my recommendations and we can proceed from there with what you’re comfortable with. If you need a website, SEO work or any online marketing services, send me an email. You can learn more (or contact me)