Ringing phones is the sound of success – we can do it with PPC

Affordable PPC Management Designed For Small To Medium Business Owners

Free week of PPC – try it before you buy it!!

I know you get a lot of people soliciting you and your business. I’m not “a lot of people.” I take pride in the assistance I provide businesses when it comes to advertising; because of my background I’m good at it.

Get a free week, not just of management, but we pay for the ads for your first week; no obligation to continue; no surprises; no money from you at all until you like what you see.

As a small to medium business owner your continued success depends on many factors including advertising. However, daily and monthly priorities can change, putting your advertising on the back burner. This is the pit fall I see with many businesses trying to make it and SEO’s and ad agencies are trying to capitalize on any fears and inexperience with PPC advertising often charging thousands of dollars per month! All of my clients pay only a FRACTION of that!

Here’s where I come in. I know all the tricks, tips, script trends and interface changes (updates) that keep advertisers from taking full advantage of the AdWords system. Having trouble dealing with the change over from Google Places to Google My Business and Google +? No problem, I can help there too. What I’m offering is a chance to get your advertising in order at a price that fits your budget without binding contracts, outrageous fees or sub-par service.

Get your Free Week then your Free Quote, pay on a month-to-month no contract basis and watch your advertising work FOR you. I also offer instant discounts for referrals. Do you know other business owners that could use some advertising assistance? Each referral earns you a 5% discount on your monthly fee; you can’t loose!

Contact me today and lets make 2017 the year your small to medium business became Big Business.

Are you looking for Google Adwords to grow your business and sales? I have managed and created many successful campaigns for individuals and companies with Google advertising. When you partner with me you can know that you are getting a professional to manage and design your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

My services are professional and my rates are competitive. I have over 10 years of industry experience and great recommendations from former colleagues and current clients. All work is done by me personally and there are no commitments or contracts. Please contact me to learn more.

Need Feedback or Expert Advice?
Get the input you need with our wide range of consulting services:

– Niche Market Selection
– Branding
– Book Title Selection
– Product “Name Recognition'” Branding
– Marketing Strategies
– Vision and Mission Creation
– Copy or Ad Review & Recommendation Consultation
– Review & Recommendations for Existing Marketing Materials
– System Training on Aweber, Teleseminar Software, WordPress, etc.
and more…

Want to make a lasting impression, increase customer loyalty, and boost sales?
Position yourself as an industry leader with our ‘done-for-you’ services:

– Apps
– Websites and Blogs
– Professional Copywriting
– Video and Audio Creation/Editing
– Facebook and Twitter Fan Pages
– Four Step Sideways Sales Funnels
– Opt-in, Landing, Sales, and Squeeze Pages
– Labels, Flyers, Brochures and other Print Jobs
– Book Covers, including eBooks & Kindle
– Book Editing & Layout, including eBooks & Kindle
– Logos, CD/DVD Packaging, Promo Items and other Graphics
– SEO, Google Adwords PPC Campaigns, Facebook Ads, and more…