AdWords Process:

Campaign Setup

1. Account Structure (5 campaigns, With 3 Ads groups per campaign and we 5 to 10 words ad).
2. Write ads (we use keywords in title, in the body & display url).
3. Keyword research is basic on close variation of the word used in the ad copy).
4. We use exact match type to save money and drive off unwanted clicks.
5. Negative keyword list (free, compare, do it yourself, forums, reviews, workshop).
6. We setup sitelink extensions (Location, call, review, callout, structured snippet).
7. Then we add conversion tracking (Track purchases, form submissions, phone calls).
8. Setup Google Analytics for deeper analysis and reporting (bounce rate, Page views, customer profiles).

On Going Maintenance:

1. We focus on Quality Score to save you money on cost per click (10/10).
2. We will add keyword rich content to your website or create new landing pages (included in the package).
3. Weekly we review your search-terms report and add negative and positive keywords.
4. We purge low performance keywords.
5. We optimize your campaign by Devices, locations, time of day.
6. We look at which ads are performing well and turn off the other ads in that ad group (A/B testing).
7. We adjust your keyword to get your ad on the first page and first position of Google.
8. We do monthly reporting packages and go over the results of your campaign.

We are a Google Certified Partner

1. Partners tend to get more conversion because best practices implemented (11%).
2. We pass yearly certification exams (Search, Display, Mobile and Video).
3. We have met the spend requirement of more $10,000 on clients account in 90 days.

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