I Offer C/C++ and Python consulting and development services.

-So do you have an old app that you want to refactor?
-Do you have problem debugging a stubborn program?
-Do you like to realize an idea, but you don’t have the programming skills to do it?
-Do you like to learn programming in the most used language and script (C/C++, Python)?
Here I offer a solution for all the above points, in a form of consulting services.
You can contact me directly on my cell, or via E-mail to asses your needs and estimate the cost.
You will be surprised how the ratio Quality/Price is comfortable for your pocket.

Tutoring basics of the 3 languages mentioned above (Java, Python and C) is a flat rate of 15$ an hour, but if you have more complex tasks or different languages in mind just e-mail me and i will give you a quote or refer you to someone else who will help you.

If you find yourself wasting a lot of your time and/or your employees’ time in similar, repetitive processes of manipulating data in spreadsheets, you may benefit from some automation to streamline your work.

If you do most of your work in Excel, I can write VBA macros. Or, if you require more intricate software that makes use of various sources of data, you want to operate in real-time, or you require a graphic user interface, I can write some software in Java or Python. If you are unsure of the form of the solution that best fits your needs, I would be happy to meet up and discuss options.

Regarding my experience, I have developed apps in a variety of settings. I first learned to code in my undergrad in mechanical engineering. Later, at an internship, I learned VBA to code up a macro that would employ a fairly complex algorithm to solve an engineering design problem. Later, I wrote some Python software for my senior design project that would utilize electrical inputs to generate a graphic to reflect the state of my system. I’ve also written stopwatch and metronome apps in Java for my own edification in the language. And most recently, I have helped out an insurance agency by writing macros that would sift through massive lists to better organize their data.

As I would be excited to undertake a new challenge, I assure you that my prices will be better than what most developers would charge you. So please email me if you interested in making use of my service. Thanks and have a great day.

Are you struggling with programming (C++, Java, Python, web-programming, SQL)?
I can help you.
I guarantee your satisfaction within your budget.
If you have any question, please let me know.

I build Professional CPU & mobile friendly websites using HTML, CSS, JAVA, PYTHON for small businesses as well as for Private use.