I have over 10 years experience in developing PHP websites/applications. We have worked on over 200 wordpress websites. We have built wordpress websites for a large number of successful small businesses.
We have built ecommerce websites in magento for successful online businesses.

I’m proficient with all PHP applications. Worked on several CMS:

Im experienced with code igniter, yii and Zend, Laravel frameworks

– Native Programming for Apple and Android
– Cross Platform Development with PhoneGap and other Rapid Development Platforms
– Augment your existing development team with our Mobile App Development team
– Professional and talented developers
– Mobile App Integration with platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, and other Web Services
– Unit Testing and Bench-marking of Existing Software

Experienced development team looking for new projects.

Main features
+ Scalable and distributed multi-process application design, development and deployment.
+ Deploy to on-premises or cloud hosted platform- including AWS.
+ Apache/PHP/MySQL or MariaDb (fully compatible with MySQL). Or MS SQL instead of MySQL/MariaDb.
+ Java applications and/or processes.
+ Develop applications that connect to cloud hosted data stores such as Google Analytics, Google BiqQuery, Amazon Redshift, and more.
+ Develop secure and encrypted (SSL/TLS) websites and web applications.

Other features:
+ Built-in database routines which can be utilized in analytical software.
+ SSL enabled sites.
+ SAML Single-sign on authentication.
+ Embedded Analytics in web applications. No need for a separate (and expensive) analytics engine such as Microsoft’s SSRS, Tableau Server or QlikView Server.

I’m an active web developer with 20+ years of experience. I work for myself, on my own projects, so I have a lot of free time and flexibility to take on additional projects. I’m open to interesting, reasonably compensated work.

The majority of my experience and interest is in PHP (plus optional CakePHP), MySQL, JavaScript (plus jQuery, AngularJS), CSS, and XHTML, all of which will get you almost any dynamic website you could want. I also have experience with Objective-C, Scala, and several other languages and frameworks. I can set up a variety of hosting environments, and have extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks, Route 53, CloudSearch, and more).

I am detail-oriented, and produce well formatted, optimized, commented, and documented (on request) code. I like using version control systems, especially Git, and can work with your remote server.

I am not a skilled designer, though can do rudimentary layout. I do have a partner who is gifted at design, and know where to outsource good design, so can bring together those talents if you need them.

I prefer to work at an hourly rate, but would consider a set project price if it’s well defined. My hourly rate will depend on the type of project, and skills required. $60/hr. covers most projects.

I am easy to work with, and communicate well over email and text messaging. I prefer to not take calls and meetings because it interrupts workflow and requires extra work transcribing and tracking requests. We can use a project management system to track requests, hours, and progress.

I look forward to chatting with you about your project!