guttulus digital marketing agency

guttulus digital marketing agency

I build websites and shopping carts as I would for myself when I develop them for clients. I use an open source, cutting edge free to use backend. Why pay for an inferior cart that costs you 20, 30 sometimes 60 -70 dollars a month. Professional designers use open source coding. The only reason someone recommends closed source is so they get a monthly commission from your monthly payment. The only monthly fees with me are hosting should you decide to host with me on my super-fast and secure, private server.

I give lessons in several programming languages: C++, Python, Scheme, Java, Perl, Netlogo. Whether you are new to programming or are a seasoned programmer and are looking to quickly pick up one of these languages, I can help you get started and have you writing your own code very soon. I will teach you not just the syntax of the programming language(s), but more importantly how to think like a programmer. I will teach you the concepts that will allow you to quickly pick up any programming language on your own. In addition, we will learn about data structures (hash tables, linked lists etc) and algorithms that should be part of any serious programmer’s arsenal.

I have 18+ years of solid experience as Software Developer/Programmer – Consultant.
I’ve developed systems of various industry type requirements ranging from Online Marketing/Automated Blogging, Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, Payroll, Scheduling and Human Resources, QuickBooks Pro IIF Programming

Experienced with expertise on the following client – server development tools such as .NET, C#, Visual Studio 2010, VB.NET 2010, T-SQL, Visual Basic 4.0/5.0/6.0, ACTIVE X components, DLL, ADO, OLE DB, Crystal Report ver. xx, MS Access 2.0/95/97, XML, HTML, JAVA, Vbscripting and Sybase Database Administration tools and its utilities in the Sun Solaris Unix System, MySQL running on the Red Hat 8.0/Ubuntu OS platform, and MS SQL Server ver. 7.0/2000 for Windows NT environment as server requirement.

Experienced on Unix/Linux server technical hardware and software installation and configuration with formal training on Solaris Fundamentals, Shell Programming, and Sun Java Programming. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Handle various corporate I.T training.

Technical Skills:

Hardware: PC Multi Core & other compatibles, Compaq Proliant Srvr 2500,
Sun Sparc Center 2000E, IBM E-Server X-Series 305, Sun SunFire MX Blade,
MacBook Pro etc..

Operating System: Windows Ver x.x, Windows NT 4.0, Novell 3.12, Sun Unix OS,
Red Hat Linux 8.0, Solaris 10, Mac OS/Leopard, Ubuntu Linux x.x

Language: MS Visual Studio 2010 etc., .NET, C#, VB.NET 2010, Visual Basic 4.0/5.0/6.0, MS Access Basic ver.xx, Sybase Transact – SQL 10/11 ver., MS Transact – SQL 7.0 , FoxPro 2.6, VbScripting, Sun Java,
Sun OS Unix(Shells) Programming, Perl 5.0, PHP ver.xx , Java Scripting

Database: MS Access Database ver.xx, MS SQL 7.0, Sybase 10/11, MySQL ver.xx

Networking: ODBC ver.xx, JDBC, OLE DB, ADO, DCOM, COM, MS – Internet
Information Server 4.0, TCP/IP, FTP, Apache Web Server

Others: Crystal Report ver.xx, Frontpage xx, ASPX, HTML/XML etc.., MS Office xx,
Lotus SmartSuite, HTML, XML, VbScripting, Adobe CS4, JOOMLA Content Management System,
QuickBooks Pro