Reasons why ecommerce is very important

One of the most telling impacts of the internet, has got to be the introduction of ecommerce. The internet has made it possible for sellers and buyers to exchange goods and services without necessarily physically meeting. Ecommerce has become an integral part of our day to day lives and today, we want to take a look at why it is very important;

Reasons why ecommerce is very important


One of the many reasons why ecommerce has truly thrived over the years, is the convenience that is attached to it. For one, an online store is never closed and this means that it is accessible to anyone at any particular time of the day.

Consumers don’t have to go all the way to the stores to shop for whatever supplies they are looking for. All one needs is an internet connection, an internet enabled device, electronic money and a favorite online store. In seconds, one can order whatever items they are in need of and get them delivered right at their doorstep, how convenient is that?

Time saving

Instead of having to go all the way to the store and spend time looking for various items, you can simply purchase the same from your home and get them delivered. The time that could have been spent to go to the store can be used to research for the best brands or to do some other meaningful things around your home or in the office.

Helps businesses grow

Compared to the traditional brick and mortar businesses, ecommerce offers better scalability and growth. It is an ideal way for brands and businesses to take themselves to the next level and increase their annual revenue. The availability of informatics and data make it very easy for businesses to track their growth and predict their growth or lack thereof.

Small businesses reach wider audiences for less

In the past, businesses had to set aside thousands of dollars to market themselves and reach their target audiences. This favored the big established companies who had the budget and capability of setting up marketing campaigns while the small capital-less businesses languished in unpaid loans.

Social media, search engines and other modern day business marketing platforms are way cheaper than traditional media marketing platforms like TV and Radio. This means that small businesses have a good chance of marketing themselves for less.

Reduced need for large physical shops

With ecommerce, small businesses don’t require large physical facilities and offices to run their daily activities. Business don’t need to hire out expensive office and shop spaces. Businesses can be run from very small offices or from home as a lot of the displaying is done online on the businesses’ websites. This means these small businesses can save and use the funds elsewhere.

Tracking progress and stocks is easier

Thanks to the numerous ecommerce tools available to small businesses, tracking of stock and the progress of one’s business, is way easier than it was before. Since almost all the transactions are digitized, tracking the progress of the business is way easier than it used to be. This means that owners can understand the commodities and services which are on demand and focus more on them for the better of their business.

Easier and cheaper to run

It is easier and cheaper to run an ecommerce business than it is to run a brick and mortar shop. Thanks to the numerous online resources available, it is very easy for business owners to properly plan themselves and serve all their clients without needing an extra hand. In brick and mortar, sometimes the number of present visitors overwhelms the number of people serving them and this calls for more employees which can be counterproductive.

In ecommerce, the business owner has more time to sort out the orders and this eliminates the need for more staff in the establishment.

Payments are quicker and risk of theft is very low

Although cases of fraud are not unheard of, they are very rare and far between. Ecommerce platforms are very secure and unless the owner is reckless in processing payments, chances of getting ripped off by unscrupulous buyers are very minimal. This is not the case in brick and mortar shops which are in constant risk of getting shoplifted or even robbed by crafty individuals.

Ecommerce is therefore very important and if it is coupled with a well-organized and run brick and mortar established, it can tremendously increase the revenue of any company.

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