Reasons why Amazons are importing products from China

Importing form China and selling on Amazon, is the new trend among Amazon sellers. A lot of Amazon sellers have come to the realization that it is more economically viable to outsource products from the East and selling them in America and here is why;

Reasons why Amazons are importing products from China

Superior product quality

Products coming from China are of high quality. Chinese manufacturers are keen on the quality of products they export to the world and you can therefore rest assured that whatever product you buy, the quality is unquestionable. 

Fair Product Pricing

Compared to products of the same quality in America, Chinese products are almost half as cheap as their American counterparts. Although this is down to other aspects such as branding and marketing, the Chinese produce mass products at a cheaper cost. Any Amazon seller looking to make a profit from their ventures on Amazon, will always opt for quality products which are supplied at fair rates.

Easy Shipping from China

Americans love punctuality and the Chinese are some of the best timekeepers in the world. Gone are the days when you had to wait for months for products from China to arrive in the U.S. Nowadays, you only need to wait a couple of days after placing your order and your products will be at your doorstep.

So, now that we know why Americans are rushing to source their products from Chinese suppliers, what do you need to know about importing from China? Where can one find these Chinese suppliers? How should you interact with Chinese suppliers to ensure seamless business?

How to find Chinese Suppliers

There are very many platforms on which you can find Chinese suppliers. The most common are;


Alibaba is the equivalent of Amazon but is for wholesale supply in the East. Alibaba is full of trustworthy Chinese suppliers and manufacturers who are supplying their products to the whole world at very affordable costs.

International Trade Shows and Fairs

International Trade Shows and Fairs are full of legitimate suppliers and manufacturers who are showcasing their products to the world. It is wise therefore to attend these international trade fairs especially if the fairs are in the industry of the product you intend to sell on Amazon.

Search engines

A lot of Chinese suppliers have websites which have the English language option. They understand that their services are in demand in the West and therefore create optimized websites which target the consumers in the west. Take advantage of Google therefore and find the best suppliers of whatever product you are looking for.

Social media

If the parent company does not have a social media page promoting their services, then chances are that there is forum discussing the said company on social media. Through social media, you can therefore easily find the Chinese you have for so long been looking for.


Talk to other established Amazon sellers to get referrals and links to Chinese suppliers. Talk to your American friends in the business and get links to suppliers in the east.

How to interact with Chinese Suppliers

When looking to import products from the East, you will need to understand how to negotiate with the suppliers and relate with them to ensure an amicable business relationship is developed between the two of you.

Here are tips on how to negotiate with Chinese Suppliers and maintaining an amicable relationship

Good communication is key- when contacting the suppliers always ensure that your communication is clear and void of any misunderstandings. Even if it means hiring the services of a translator, ensure that your first contact leaves a very good impression.

Negotiate as much as you can- Chinese suppliers are very flexible on pricing and you should therefore not shy away from bargaining for a deal that favors you. You should however be careful not to overdo it as this can jeopardize your professional relationship.

Always make good of your promises- The Chinese are trustworthy people and they expect you to be equally trustworthy. This basically means that you should always keep your promises and deliver within the agreed period.

Agree on shipping beforehand- Before going into contract with a Chinese supplier, it is important to ensure that you agree on the shipping and other logistics. Depending on the product you are dealing with, it might be cheaper to let the supplier do the shipping on your behalf. Research as much as you can and go to the contract agreement table armed with knowledge on whether you will take care of shipping or not.

Always insist on the quality- Although their products are of high quality, the Chinese can equally supply knockoffs if you are not careful and astute about the quality of products you are looking for. Always insist on the quality of products you want to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

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