Real Estate Agent: Reality vs Expectations

Real Estate Agent: Reality vs Expectations

As the experts on will agree, there is no industry that has been quite as successful and has experienced such a big growth than the real estate industry. This is because, in search of home security, most people over the last couple of years have made moves to try and be home owners. Since there are so many ways to make money from real estate, the number of people that try and get involved in the industry is massive. For example, some investors in real estate simply spend most of their time investing in real estate notes sold by property owners. This industry has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry with some of the richest people out there having gained the bulk of their fortune from real estate. More people than ever are now finally becoming seriously intrigued by the idea of making money of their own from real estate, and you may want to check out something like Inboundrems real estate blog picks if you’re looking for some helpful guidance for getting ahead in the real estate world. The need for real estate agents, who basically play the role of intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate, with more on them and their qualifications discussed in detail on, has increased dramatically as well. These has led to many people looking to get in on the action and become real estate agents. Mostly due to television programs, most people have gone into this sector with certain expectations about the life of a real estate agent. These expectations, as this article will highlight, are usually far from the realities on the ground.

The first expectation people have of a real estate agent is that the job is easy. The misconception here is that all you have to do is show prospective clients apartments and other property, close a sell and toast to your commission. The image people have of real estate agents is one of khaki pants and sunglasses making deals, which seem so easy to come by and to close. The reality though is that most of the properties real estate agents have to market are usually not that marketable to begin with. They have to work hard to convince clients into taking them. Just like with any job, you’ll gain what you put into it. It is a competetive industry, but what industry isn’t these days? The idea of investing in real estate is very appealing to many, but you need to make sure you go down this route properly. Everyone has to start somewhere and when you eventually start seeing results, it will become even more satisfying than before. This will require patience and consistency.

These negotiations can get quite heated and are definitely not as easy as one may expect. Real estate agents, as the experts on will tell you, have many clients with large databases to manage which can get quite hectic. As discussed in greater detail on, this is mostly a commission-based industry and the stress of it all given how unpredictable a market is makes the job of a real estate agent anything but easy.

The other expectation people have when getting into life as a real estate agent is that the schedule of real estate agents is extremely flexible and that they are not shackled by the ball and chain that is the 9-5 routine. Most people expect that life as a real estate agent will involve a lot of free time and vacation time as well. The reality is, given how many clients most agents have, there is not as much free time as one would expect. When you go onto, find and hire a real estate agent of your liking, you will expect them to be available and at your disposal whenever you may need him. This is the reality of life as real estate agent, clients have demands and expect them to be met by their agents. You will be spending most of your time carrying out your duties, which as is explained on, involves finding and showing new listings to part of your clientele that are buyers, monitoring of deals for the part of your clientele looking to sell among many other duties. Success doesn’t come without hard work and sacrifice and this is true as far as real estate agents are concerned.

Another expectation when it comes to life as a real estate agent is that it is extremely high paying and that you have it made as a real estate agent. This is yet another misconception brought about by television which always shows real estate agent driving flashy cars, living lavishly in eccentric mansions and all they close are million-dollar deals. The reality is that, while there are wealthy real estate agents out there, most agents don’t make the exorbitant amounts most assume. According to statistics on, the average annual salary of a real estate agent is just over $50,000. This of course is not a small amount, but it is also not enough for one to maintain the lavish lifestyle most people usually associate with real estate agents. Even those who work for over 60 hours a week, with the previous figure being for those full-time agents that work between 40-59 hours a week, have an average salary of just over $85,000. The figure is even lower for those real estate agents that work part-time, with a much more detailed break-down of the earning figures to be found on Quite clearly though, while a comfortable lifestyle is possible from being a real estate agent, it is not the gateway to reaches most people expect it to be.

A career as a real estate agent can be extremely rewarding especially if you have the passion and drive for it but as we have seen from this article it is not as easy as people think it is nor is it the quick road to riches either. It has its highs and its lows, just like any other profession.

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