How to Profit with Instagram Stories Ads

How to Profit with Instagram Stories Ads

How to Profit with Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram has been making big strides in offering businesses effective advertising solutions. The launch of Instagram stories ads, in particular, stands out. As full-screen ads placed in a highly tactical manner in between Instagram stories, they are very effective thanks to stories being a favorite for the platform’s over 250 million daily users.

Add to that the targeting options available, and it becomes understandable why businesses are excited and not wasting time in taking advantage of the feature. Below is how you can join the bandwagon and hopefully smile all the way to the bank.

Make an excellent impression

Since Instagram stories ads come with a skip function similar to YouTube ads, making a good impression is crucial. Stories ads allow both image and video advertising, but regardless of the option you choose, you must hook your audience in the first half a second.

This is easier said than done, and for this reason, it is wise to work with professionals who understand the nuances of making high-performing ad copy customized for social platforms. You can also opt to invest in yourself and market leaders in training, such as, can help out with that.

Use high-quality visuals

Instagram is a visually oriented platform meaning that users have lofty expectations regarding the visual quality of the content served. Instagram recommends a high-definition image size of 1080 by 1920 with an aspect ratio of 9:16. Adhere to these specifications to make the most out of the full-screen feature without taking anything away from the goal of making a good impression.

Be concise

Image ads have a time limit of 10 seconds while video ads have a limit of 15 seconds. Hence, being straightforward is of utmost importance. The best approach is to use captivating visuals with simple, powerful, yet easily digestible text. Use contrast to your advantage to increase memorability but be careful not to go overboard.

Your value proposition should be captured in its entirety given the primary goal of your campaign. When it comes to text, use questions only when it is necessary; instead, offer solutions. Also, try to avoid negative words such as no, desert, lack, poor, tired, and the like.

When using video

While image ads are great for driving brand awareness, videos are better for driving clicks and conversions. To increase impact, use music, sound effects and animations (if relevant) to make your ad richer and multisensorial. Only .mov, mp4, and GIF formats are applicable for video and size is capped at 2.3GB which is very accommodating.

It is a mobile affair

Instagram stories ads are only available for mobile meaning that your value proposition has to be tailored with this in mind. More than that, your site and other external cogs of the campaign to the point of conversion must be highly optimized for mobile.

Properly define your audience

Instagram uses Facebook’s targeting structure which is one of the best in the market. This avails a multitude of options which empowers you to choose a very precise target audience for your ad. Thus, is incumbent upon you to research and know the markers that symbolize those most likely to respond to your ad regarding age, profession, interests, hobbies, schooling, groups and such. If it concerns gaming, or sports, rather than go for the casual fans, target hardcore fanatics who follow insider accounts, for instance.

Use original and creative content

The social media revolution has come with a content explosion making original and creative ad content the only way to maximize advertising ROI. To hone your creativity, follow and learn from the renowned creative brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Heineken, Starbucks and the like. More than that, follow creative personalities who can teach you a thing or two and catalyze inspiration.

Leverage humor

Humor always sells. Look for ways to incorporate aspects of humor into your copy, and you will easily make a good impression and associate your brand with positive emotions in your audience’s mind. Red Bull is excellent at doing this, borrow a leaf from them. However, be sure that the humor does not portray your brand as unserious. There is a thin line to tread here, but a lot to benefit if you get it right.

Deals and discounts

Everyone loves deals and discounts, and the high performance of campaigns tailored to this truth substantiates this. Discount sales quickly command audience attention and propel clicks and conversions. Express used this tactic to great success by advertising a 40% discount on everything, bar featured brands, gift cards, and watches. The key lies in highlighting the deal in bold print, with any exceptions and terms captured in less prominent fine print.

User-generated content

If engagement is your prime target, user-generated content provides the best strategic approach. Ask your audience for views or submissions on something they are very passionate about. You can offer a prize to sweeten the deal. This approach works best if your brand already has a fairly strong good online presence.

With Instagram stories ads, pay close attention to the metrics and leverage monitoring and evaluation to learn and adapt quickly. If an ad is not working as expected, do not hesitate to pull the plug. Above all, keep an open mind, and do not be afraid to take calculated risks.

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